Fluke Networks

Fluke Networks is the worldwide leader in certification, troubleshooting, and installation tools for professionals who install and maintain critical network cabling infrastructure.  From installing the most advanced data centers to restoring service in the worst weather, our combination of legendary reliability and unmatched performance ensure jobs are done efficiently.  Based in Everett, Wash., the company distributes products in more than 50 countries.

Fluke Networks is Trusted

Fluke Networks is the world-leading provider of network test and monitoring solutions to speed the deployment and improve the performance of networks and applications. Leading enterprises and service providers trust Fluke Networks’ products and expertise to help solve today’s toughest issues and emerging challenges in WLAN security, mobility, unified communications and datacenters.

Fluke Networks solutions are trusted by:

  • By 98 of the Fortune 100 Companies
  • Network professionals to help them deploy, manage and troubleshoot business critical networks
  • Agencies, Enterprises & Carriers around the world

Fluke Networks News
  • Fluke FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro Is Ready!

    The new MPO Inspection Camera makes workflow a lot more efficient. Learn more about Fluke FI-3000 FiberInspector Pro.

  • A paradigm shift in a peculiar year for the it industry in the region

    We are now in the final part of 2015, a year that has been very peculiar because of the movements of all the players in the market, as they pursue the sales and market share targets.

  • Network migration: high-performance structured cabling

    The increasing demand for bandwidth technologies requires servers and network hardware to make them more versatile to compensate multiple migration options throughout their lifecycles.

  • Data Center infrastructure management DCIM

    ¿Not convinced there is a one-size-fits-all strategy for data center infrastructure management?

  • Environmental sustainability - A high business potential - Part 2

    Explaining and citing examples of how IT can assist its organization in meeting sustainability compliance goals can provide a competitive advantage that enables a professional to secure more business.

  • Network cabling architectures for Data Centers

    The selection of the network cabling architecture is driven by both the technical and financial factors of the data center design. In general, ToR architectures are better suited for data center environments requiring low latency and high-performance server connections where EoR and MoR architectures look to optimize cost and flexibility.

  • Getting an efficient Data Center refrigerated?

    There are many ways to apply different solutions within your data center in order to optimize thermal management; however, Anixter suggests that there are four basic solutions: Passive Cooling Containment Cooling Units Precision Air, Heat Exchanger tailgate.

  • Data solutions for the DataCenter - Part 2

    In the previous note in this series of publications on Data Solutions for the Datacenter we discussed the concept and history of electrical communications as well as the development of data networks since the appearance of the first minicomputers in 1963.

  • Understanding the new Category 8 standard

    There is some confusion in the market around the pending Category 8 standard, which should be finalized in 2014.

  • Environmental sustainability - A high business potential - Part 1

    The concepts of Sustainability, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), and Ecology continue to captivate customers and the perception is currently and continuously changing.

  • Datacenter, the epicenter of the network technology evolution

    The more we move further into this decade, we cannot help feeling curious or even feel the need to look back to the past to remember the ideas about the future that were created the past century. And then, comparing that with where we are today.

  • Anixter Vice President, elected as leader for development of Category 8

    It's a pleasure for Anixter Latin America to inform our customers and our market that Andy Jimenez, Vice President of Technology for Anixter, has been appointed by TIA (Telecommunications Industry Association) as the leader of the work group to develop, identify, analyze and recommend the use of this technology.

  • Data solutions for Data Center - Part 1

    In this note, we will work to provide the information necessary to understand the concepts and terms related to the solutions of data within the data center environment, current solutions and market trends.

  • What is next generation Data Center?

    Throughout 2014, Anixter has been conducting an event focused on Data Centers called "Next Generation Data Center" (NGDC), which is aimed at exclusive groups of end users who are also owners, as well as Data Center managers.

  • Infrastructure: choosing the right cabling for your Data Center

    A cabling system’s expected life span plays a significant role in determining if multiple generations of continually volving hardware can be supported without having to fully replace the cabling system.

  • Reliable, safe and sustainable Data Centers

    Every year, Anixter consolidates its presence as the Global Distributor with the most comprehensive portfolio for Data Centers. Every day, end users, and leading companies resort to Anixter as their technology partner, in search for support for their future projects or deployments.

  • Your future Data Center, now in 3D!

    Anixter presents a new service that will change the way we plan and market data centers: a 3D model, with all the images, list of materials needed and technical documentation to complete the project.

  • Power & Cooling: concept design, a key component for project success in Data Centers

    Building a new data center, or improving an existing facility, implies increasingly more sectors and more people within an organization. When facing a new project, these factors converge to include some aspects no one would have even considered some years ago.

  • Anixter among Forbes' 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America

    Forbes 100 Most Trustworthy Companies in America is developed by GMI Ratings who develop rankings by reviewing the accounting and governance behaviors of more than 8,000 publicly-traded companies in North America.

Versiv Cable Certifier

The Versiv™ family accelerates every step of the certification process. Future-ready design supports copper certification, fiber loss, OTDR testing and hardware upgrades. The revolutionary ProjX™ management system and Taptive™ user interface ensures jobs are done right the first time. Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare management software.

DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series Copper Cable Certifiers

Product Highlights

Accelerates every step of the copper certification process

  • Versiv™ modular design supports copper certification, fiber optic loss, OTDR testing and fiber end-face inspection
  • Unmatched speed for Cat 6A, 8, Class FA, I/II and all current standards
  • ProjX™ system manages job requirements and progress from set-up to systems acceptance, making sure all tests are completed correctly
  • Taptive™ user interface simplifies set-up, and eliminates errors
  • Analyze test results and create professional test reports using LinkWare™ management software

OptiFiber® Pro OTDR Family

Designed for Enterprise, Datacenter, Outside Plant and PON Fiber. As fiber networks evolve, the need to test in more locations has increased. OTDRs are now needed for:

  • FTTx
  • Enterprise
  • OSP
  • PON

CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set

The CertiFiber Pro Optical Loss Test Set improves the efficiency of fiber optics certification.

Product Highlights

Accelerates every step of the fiber certification process

  • Optical loss test set with fastest time to certify – two fibers at two wavelengths in under three seconds.
  • Encircled Flux compliant as required by ANSI/TIA and ISO/IEC.
  • Merged Tier 1 (Basic) / Tier 2 (Extended) testing and reporting when paired with OptiFiber® Pro OTDR.
  • ProjX™ management system ensures all jobs are completed correctly and efficiently.
  • Optical loss test set provides automatic Pass/Fail analysis to industry standards or custom test limits.

OptiFiber Pro HDR OTDR

OptiFiber® Pro High Dynamic Range (HDR) Optical Time Domain Reflectometer, the first OTDR that fulfills contractors’, installers’ and network owners’ demands for a single solution to deal with applications ranging from FTTx, PON and datacenters to category-rated structured cabling.

Product Highlights

  • Automatic analysis of OTDR traces and events helps you identify and locate faults on singlemode fiber.
  • Shows OTDR results as an intuitive map of events, a table of events, and an OTDR trace. PON OTDR test results include the locations and split ratios of optical splitters.
  • Automatic bi-directional averaging gives you more accurate loss measurements than measurements made in one direction. OptiFiber HDR is capable of calculating bi-directional averages on-board so you can measure the loss of events more accurately in the field without having to work through software on a PC.
  • “Document Only” test limit is available if PASS/FAIL results are not necessary.
  • SmartLoop™ OTDR technology tests two fibers in a single test eliminating the need to travel to the far end of the connection to perform tests.