Modern Collaboration Rooms

Over the years, meeting rooms have evolved and become essential spaces to increase productivity and collaboration between members of various teams. Therefore, having a well-equipped and structured room with appropriate hardware and software is vital for companies.

Although the rooms’ structure have not changed significantly, since they continue to be semi-private environments where there is a certain number of seats around a table and monitors from which the presentations are projected; MODERN COLLABORATION ROOMS have a series of technological tools that have revolutionized interaction between users, allowing live connectivity and collaboration from remote places around the globe.

Depending on the rooms characteristics and its functionality, different aspects must be considered, such as sound and image quality, wiring, wireless connectivity and all kinds of resources that, integrated into a complete solution, significantly improve effective meeting times.

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Soluciones de comunicaciones unificadas preparadas para el futuro

El lugar de trabajo digital ya está aquí. Y necesitas un nuevo enfoque para la colaboración; uno que haga posible la cultura del trabajo desde cualquier lugar, de modo que todos estén siempre listos para cumplir con el trabajo no planificado.

Con Avaya supera los desafíos del mundo impredecible del trabajo desde cualquier ubicación con colaboración continua de experiencias múltiples diseñada para reunir equipos desde cualquier lugar, en cualquier dispositivo.

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