DIN Rail Services

DIN rail is a metal rail used for mounting circuit breakers, terminal blocks and industrial  control equipment inside equipment racks. Anixter offers two unique DIN rail value-added services designed to reduce nonproductive labor, decrease installation time and improve efficiency.

Cut-to-Length DIN Rail

Our DIN Rail Cut-to-Length service offering provides custom lengths of DIN rail cut to your specification, with standard cut sizes already in stock. Anixter can also cut to slot by request.

See the part numbers below for the most common lengths and configurations. If you can't find what you're looking for, send a description of what you need using our Ask an Expert form.


  • Eliminates scrap and waste
  • Eliminates additional tooling
  • Cut with tool; no de-burring from using hacksaw
    (clean cut)
  • Reduces unproductive labor
  • Reduces installation time
DIN Rail Cut-to-Length image

Part Numbers

Anixter Part No.

Cut to Length


2.75 (69.9 MM)


4.75 (121 MM)


6.75 (171 MM)


8.75 (222 MM)


10.75 (273 MM)


12.75 (324 MM)


16.75 (425 MM)


20.75 (527 MM)

Note: Cut tolerances are +/- 1/8" (0.125").

Available DIN Rail Styles and Profiles

489899 3D Drawing
489899 Line Drawing
524506 3D Drawing
524506 Line Drawing
461938 3D Drawing
461938 Line Drawing
537365 3D Drawing
537365 Line Drawing
524505 3D Drawing
524505 Line Drawing
535843 3D Drawing
535843 Line Drawing


Populated DIN Rail

Our Populated DIN Rail service offering allows you to submit your custom drawing of DIN rail-mounted terminal blocks, power supplies, Ethernet switches, and many other items, all pre-assembled by Anixter.


  • Customized solution built to your needs
  • Lowers total acquisition cost
  • Fewer parts to purchase and manage; populated DIN rail =
    one (1) part to order
  • Less scrap means reduction in material cost
  • Less inventory to purchase
    and keep on-hand
  • Reduces unproductive labor
  • Decreases installation time
Populated DIN Rail
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