IoT Advisory Services

Secure IoT Solutions and Strategies from Ideation to Realization

We partner with our customers, installation partners, and manufacturer community globally, driving innovation and providing strategies that deliver meaningful returns on investment.

Through our combination of IT and OT expertise, deployment support, installation enhancement services, a broad portfolio of products, and supply chain expertise, Wesco and our partners support you from ideation and realization to delivery at scale.

IoT Advisory Services that Deliver Results

  • Evaluation of organizational readiness – people, processes, and technology subsystems
  • Business transformation workshops – Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean innovation methodologies
  • Security-first strategy and technology roadmap creation
  • Use case identification and prioritization
  • Business change management


Your Partner for Secure IoT Solutions

Secure IoT Solutions


Utilizing Design Thinking, Lean, and Agile Methodologies to Drive Innovation


Wesco Anixter’s IoT advisory services guide our customers through an ideation process that leverages Design Thinking, Agile, and Lean methods. These three methods for innovation work in combination to efficiently design, deliver, and improve solutions.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking

Identify the best possible solution


Design solutions efficiently and iteratively


Improve solutions continuously with customer input

Design Thinking Workshops


Design Thinking Workshops


Wesco Anixter and our partners will conduct a workshop that sets you on a path to digital transformation. Workshops can be held in our Innovation Center or on-site at one of your locations. We follow the standard Design Thinking methodology and bring our industry, technology, and supply chain expertise to deliver a valuable session.

Secure IoT Solutions

As a Fortune 500 business, Wesco understands the importance of your security, which is why we and our partners put security first.

Mentalidade voltada à segurança

A security-first mindset

By adopting this mindset, organizations can avoid costly security breaches that could result in significant damage to their reputation, operations, and financial stability.


Arquitetura voltada à segurança

A security-first architecture

We aim to maximize the integrated capabilities of your implementation while minimizing risk. We begin by creating a defensible environment, applying air gaps, and shrinking the domain to minimize the threat landscape.

Monitoramento de pontos de extremidade

Endpoint monitoring

By implementing a secure architecture and employing sophisticated monitoring applications, we can help you realize greater benefits from your IoT solutions while defending your network and monitoring endpoints.

Solution Design, Specification, and Testing

Wesco Anixter will engineer your end-to-end solution and test a proof-of-concept in one of our working labs. Once designed and tested, we will implement and scale your solution across the enterprise with the support of our integration partners.

Design and Engineering Capabilities

  • Secure IoT solution specification development
  • Cybersecurity alignment from endpoint to cloud
  • Site audits and feasibility studies
  • Technology selection and end-to-end solution development
  • Interoperability testing (networks, hardware, software, and APIs)
  • Enterprise network, security, and communication architecture design
  • Digital twin modeling
  • Enterprise application integration (API) strategy


Wesco Anixter is Uniquely Qualified to Deliver Smart Solutions

As a global leader in network infrastructure, security, electrical, and power solutions, Wesco Anixter’s Technology & Support Services team has deep expertise and a connected ecosystem of technology and integrator partners.

Technical expertise

Technical expertise

Our teams have expertise in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), information and operating technologies (IT and OT), data science, integration, network and security engineering, and software development.

Labs and innovation centers

Labs and innovation centers

Our teams drive innovation, test new technologies, and develop secure IoT solutions in our global labs and innovation centers.

Global services

Global services

Wesco Anixter provides supply chain, deployment, and installation enhancement services to efficiently manage and scale your solution globally.



Wesco Anixter has relationships with partners around the world, supporting the entire technology stack and broad integration expertise across the industries we serve.

Ecossistema de parceiros em inovação da Wesco Anixter


Wesco Anixter’s Innovation Partner Ecosystem


Together, Wesco Anixter and our Innovation Partners are powering innovation and digital transformation through world-class hardware, software, and infrastructure solutions.

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