The new Dominion LX II from Raritan is here!

The perfect choice for small to midsize businesses

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The new Dominion LX II from Raritan is the latest in a line of products designed with the small to midsize business IP KVM switch user in mind.

These new switches are designed to provide economical, Java-free, BIOS-level remote access to between 8 and 16 servers, as well as virtual media to copy files and install software. The new Dominion also supports connections up to 15 frames-per-second at resolutions up to 1080p and 1200p. With six different options available, the next generation LX II is poised to become the leading SMB IP KVM switch on the market today.

If you have been an LX user in the past, you already know that this line of Raritan switches has a unique multi-vendor, multi-platform, multi-OS features designed into a single platform. The Dominion LX II continues this approach, along with popular features including Absolute Mouse SynchronizationTM to automate server mouse configuration. It also has Universal Virtual MediaTM to remotely install software, run diagnostics, and reboot. The new LX II connects to computers with VGA, DVI, HDMI, USB-C and DisplayPort video, along with now-standard, secure TLS and AES encryption

What sets the new LX II apart from its predecessor? A host of new advancements:

  • Java-free KVM-over-IP and optional Serial access and control.
  • Management of up to 8 serial devices via DSAM accessories.
  • Enhanced security with secure TLS web browser access.
  • All new, modern hardware, video and software platform.
  • Three Integrated Switch/LCD drawer models (available 2Q 2020).

It is important to note that Java-free remote access makes the LX II the perfect choice for small to midsize businesses that need a secure, more productive user interface. Many businesses also appreciate an IP KVM switch that can access web browsers using transport layer security and can support remote access via a telephone or cellular modem.

In conclusion, the new Raritan Dominion LX II is a feature-rich successor to the Dominion LX. It maintains the important Dominion features while providing a new, Java-free experience on a new, economical platform.

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