Image of a busy shopping mall, like the ones Anixter can help to open or upgrade on time and in budget with our unique supply chain services

Growing Your Retail Business with You

In retail, time and space are money. Whether opening new stores or upgrading existing infrastructure, Anixter can help you select solutions to keep you on time and on budget.  We tailor our Supply Chain Solutions to your needs and enable you to standardize multisite deployments through:

Our services minimize disruption to your retail space, allowing you to return to service your customers as soon as possible. We achieve this by improving every aspect of your supply chain process from start to finish, and deliver the right products at the right time.

Learn how our services can lower your supply chain costs.

Leveraging Collective Spend

Whether you are looking for data center solutions for your corporate headquarters, networking infrastructure solutions for your retail branches or security solutions for your distribution centers, Anixter is your single source for all your networking, data center, electrical infrastructure and security product needs.

Global, national or regional, our knowledgeable technical and sales teams can help you define your solution strategy at the headquarters level and our local teams will work with you to deploy your solution on time and on budget anywhere in the world

Migrating from Analog to IP in the Retail Space

Retail customers are best positioned to take advantage of the advancements in IP technology including:

  • Access control systems for greater security and staff monitoring
  • Video surveillance of the building’s exterior and parking lot
  • Deployment in larger areas such as distribution centers.

A future-proof IP network will allow you to add such functions to your security and surveillance system when your business is ready to do so. 

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