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Racks are at the very center of the IT deployments. The rack you choose matters … but which IT Rack is right for your customer's needs? Check out our 60 seconds video to learn more about IT racks. 60 seconds to stay ahead of your competitors and develop your business with IT Racks. The rack you choose matters.


60 seconds worth on racks

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APC NetShelter or Easy solutions tick all the boxes with reliable racks and rack PDUs.


Easy Racks & PDUs

Easy, fast ordering and installation. Simple selection of sizes and most essential features at an affordable price.

  • Easy Racks: standardize on a single rack platform and compatible with other Easy products.
  • Easy PDU: offers Schuko outlets and intelligent features.


Typical applications

  • Small and medium businesses, edge deployments and data centres.
  • New customer or segment.
  • Common technical requirements.
  • Limited project budget or cost-sensitive customers and segments.


Introducing APC Easy Rack Family (Europe + CIS)



NetShelter Racks & PDUs

Sustainable offer line with the more sizes, strength, feature options, and accessories.

  • NetShelter Racks: special features like wallmounting, soundproofing, shock packaging, seismic compliance, and IP54 ratings available.
  • NetShelter PDUs: special features like IP address sharing, USB firmware updates, high density of outlets.


Typical applications

  • Cloud and service providers, tier 1 & 2 colocation, financial and government.
  • All sizes, from small edge deployments to large, high density data centres.
  • Custom or highly specific requirements.
  • Sustainability is important.


APC NetShelter™ Rack PDU Advanced


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