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Efficient meetings require focus. And a great meeting/board room environment requires sound reinforcement to maintain intelligibility and ensure uniform sound distribution across the room with precise control.

Regardless of the size of your meeting room, there will always be some common factors you will need to consider. Bosch conferencing solutions can help you ensure you have the proper listening environment for presentations, videos, and meetings with full room control (via Crestron) for power, volume, source selection and bass enhancement.

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If you are in a larger space, or want to be flexible around distancing for your seating arrangements, then you may want to opt for the wireless approach such as with the DICENTIS Wireless conferencing system for zero interference. Smart Wireless Management allows the conference system to constantly monitor the availability and load of channels. When traffic increases it seamlessly and automatically switches to free channels, without interruption or interference. Further conferencing functions include discussion with different selection of mics, voting identification and camera control while also supporting integration with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype platforms.

If it is a smaller, wired solution that you are looking for then the CCS1000D could provide the right solution. Audio input controls include multi-band equalizing, gain control, and dynamic range compression on each input. Conferencing functions include discussion, camera control and audio recording, while also supporting integration with Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Skype platforms.

No matter what size the room is, it is important that people can be heard clearly. Loudspeaker systems such as the LC2 premium commercial loudspeakers provide superior acoustics for meeting room applications. The perfect addition to these loudspeakers is the PLENA matrix – ensuring excellent sound thanks to a smart equalizing approach and built-in limiters. Of course, for large meeting rooms and higher loudspeaker wattage requirements there is the ability to bridge multiple PLENA Matrix amplifier channels.

By making the right choice for your meeting solution, you can be sure that it will deliver technically flawless discussions and the most efficient meetings possible.

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