IP horn loudspeakers and amplifier module firmware release 2.0

Audio integration with leading Video Management Systems (VMS) based on the ONVIF standard and support of SIP cloud-based server providers.

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Video security with immediate audio intervention

Bosch are pleased to announce a new firmware release for the IP-based horns and amplifier module. With this new release 2.0 they extend the applications where the products can be used. On one side by adding audio integration into Video Management Systems (VMS) based on the ONVIF standard. And on the other side within the SIP based solutions where this release supports now also SIP cloud-based server providers. In addition several improvements are done reaching from more flexibility in configuration to GUI improvements. Existing IP horns and amplifier modules can be updated to the new Firmware 2.0.

Watch the IP horn and amplifier module introduction video to discover the standout features and explore real-world use case examples that showcase the versatility of these products.


What is new in the 2.0 release?

The LHN-UC15L-SIP and LHN-UC15W-SIP horn loudspeakers serve as a state-of-the-art integrated audio solution for use with video security systems, providing immediate audio intervention when and where it is needed most.

  • ONVIF streaming and backchannel supported for audio integration into Video Management System (VMS)
  • Rule triggering (e.g. play message) via ONVIF output for integration into Video Management System (VMS)
  • Support of SIP cloud-based server providers
  • SIP port configurable in the WEB-GUI
  • SIP non-audio packets time-out configurable in the WEB-GUI
  • NTP public/internet server supported
  • WEB-GUI improvements /enhancements



Download the Application Note describing how to integrate the IP horn loudspeakers or the IP amplifier module into Milestone Video Management Software XProtect.



Download the update Infographic of the IP horn and amplifier module solution.