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The CPI Power and Cabinet Ecosystem Optimises Data Centre Operations

By Chatsworth Products (CPI) | February, 2024
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In today's data-driven world, the demand for robust and agile data centre solutions continues to soar. Chatsworth Products (CPI) recognises the challenges faced by data centre managers and has developed the CPI Power & Cabinet Ecosystem—a game-changing integration of intelligent power management, superior cabinet engineering, and innovative accessories. This feature article explores how this revolutionary solution addresses customer challenges, offers unmatched configurability, and maximises data centre efficiency.


I. Configurability Redefined: The ZetaFrame® Cabinet

Customer Challenge: Data centre managers require highly configurable cabinets that can adapt to their evolving needs while maintaining industry-leading strength and scalability.

Solution: CPI's ZetaFrame® Cabinet is a state-of-the-art data centre cabinet solution that offers unparalleled configurability. With fast built-to-order capabilities, this robust cabinet integrates seamlessly with power, cable, and thermal management accessories. The ZetaFrame Cabinet ensures a total turnkey solution, eliminating compatibility issues and confusion caused by multiple product providers. Its wider frames create additional space for high-density cable management, supporting the ever-growing demands of data centres.


II. Intelligent Power Management: eConnect® PDUs

Customer Challenge: Data centre managers need advanced power management solutions that provide remote access, monitoring capabilities, and seamless integration with cabinet infrastructure.

Solution: CPI's eConnect Power Distribution Units (PDUs) are designed to integrate flawlessly with the ZetaFrame Cabinet. This intelligent power management system enables remote power monitoring, efficient environmental monitoring, and electronic access control to protect critical equipment. By combining power management with the cabinet ecosystem, data centre managers can gain real-time visibility and make informed decisions to optimise operations.


III. Effective Thermal Management: Enhanced Airflow and Cooling Options

Customer Challenge: Maintaining optimal temperatures within data centres while ensuring efficient airflow management is a crucial challenge faced by data centre managers.

Solution: CPI's Power & Cabinet Ecosystem fully integrates with CPI's patented airflow management accessories. This ensures effective front-to-rear or front-to-top airflow, facilitating optimal cooling and temperature control. Additionally, the strong frame of the ZetaFrame Cabinet allows for seamless transition into liquid cooling enhancements or the deployment of cold-plated servers, providing cost-saving opportunities while ensuring maximum efficiency.



The CPI Power & Cabinet Ecosystem is revolutionising data centre efficiency, offering data centre managers an unmatched solution that addresses their unique challenges. By combining the configurability and strength of the ZetaFrame Cabinet with intelligent power management through eConnect PDUs, along with enhanced thermal management options, CPI provides a comprehensive ecosystem that optimises data centre operations. Embracing this revolutionary solution empowers data centre managers to navigate the evolving demands of their industry with confidence, ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of their data centres.

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