CEL-FI GO G43 Multi-Carrier Smart Signal Booster

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As the world leader in smart cellular coverage solutions, Nextivity is excited to announce the expansion of the cellular portfolio, which will provide partners the solutions to tackle any in-building coverage challenge.



Perfect for restaurants, retail, convenience stores, and small offices, CEL-FI GO G43 provides businesses with a fast, easy pathway to improving the customer experience through reliable in-building cellular coverage. With support for up to three operators and the power of the Nextivity proprietary 4th generation IntelliBoost chip, GO G43 is the first ever neutral host solution in the GO line of products. The system delivers industry-leading, channelized coverage for up to three Mobile Network Operators (MNOs).

CEL-FI GO G43 Multi-Operator Cellular Coverage Solution


What's in the GO G43 Box?



CEL-FI GO G43 is perfect for “small box” stores and branch offices, including:

  • Gas stations, convenience stores, and mini-marts
  • Fast food or quick-serve restaurants
  • Banks and other businesses with branch offices
  • Gift shops, clubhouses, waiting areas, and other small retail spaces
  • Charging stations



Boost Up to Three Operator Signals

Keeping customers, staff, and systems connected through reliable cellular coverage, CEL-FI GO G43 is an “off-air” solution that brings strong cellular signals from outside the building indoors. The system improves coverage for up to three carrier networks, enabling strong in-building connectivity for in-store digital couponing, payment systems, backup or redundancy for other networks, inventory management, and much more.


Ease of Installation with Remote Monitoring

CEL-FI GO systems are known for being easy to install, and GO G43 is no different. The Nextivity partner network of system integrators can install GO G43 quickly – with limited interruptions to business operations – to get your system up-and-running and improve connectivity in hours. The system also offers remote system monitoring via the Nextivity WAVE Portal, which provides real-time system performance data.


Best-In-Class Performance

CEL-FI GO G43 features the latest 4th generation Nextivity proprietary IntelliBoost chip to deliver signal boosting performance that traditional wideband repeaters can’t match. Equipped with the same IntelliBoost technology found in the flagship CEL-FI QUATRA products, GO G43 processes and boosts each operator signal individually, ensuring the best possible signal gain and connectivity for each network.