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Quick Order Pad

The Quick Order Template is meant to help you order products in bulk while reducing the amount of time spent individually selecting each product and its quantity. Simply download the spreadsheet template, fill it out and upload it back to our site. With the Quick Order Template you can upload up to 90 manufacturer, Anixter or customer-specific part numbers.

How to upload multiple products with the Quick Order Template

Step 1: Click on the ‘Order Pad’ button in the navigation bar

Order Pad image

Step 2: Click on the ‘Quick Order Template’ link to automatically download a template spreadsheet.

Quick Order Template image


Step 3: Fill out the spreadsheet with products and their quantities. Save the spreadsheet.

Premade Spreadsheet image


Step 4: Click the ‘Browse’ button and select your saved spreadsheet. Click the ‘Upload’ button to upload your items to the Quick Order Pad page.

Upload to Quick Order Pad image


Step 5: Your products along with their quantities will populate on the page. There is an ability to change the quantity of each product as well as fully remove it from the list individually. The ‘Reset Form’ button allows a user to clear the entire list from the page.

Reset Form image


Step 6: A separate spreadsheet can be added, as well. There are two options available for toggling:

  • The first allows the user to ‘add items’ which will add any additional items to the already existing list or products.
  • The ‘Replace Items’ button allows the upload of a new spreadsheet of items and removes the already existing items from the page. A warning pop-up modal will appear when this toggle is selected.
Cancel or Replace image


Step 7: Once satisfied with the list of items, the regular ‘Add to Cart’ and ‘Checkout’ process applies.