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Introducing The Corning ONETM Wireless Platform

Designed for the communication demands of today and tomorrow's increasingly connected world.

ONE Wireless Platform

The Corning ONE Wireless Platform is the first all-optical converged cellular and Wi-Fi® solution. Built on all-optical backbone with modular service support, the ONE™ Wireless Platform provides virtually unlimited bandwidth, and meets all of the wireless service needs of large-scale enterprises.

As data demand continues to grow, carriers search for ways to ease the burden on their wireless infrastructure.  With advanced features such as femto listening mode, capacity steering, and the ability to connect to any RF source, Corning ONE™ Wireless Platform enables carriers to fully leverage their network assets and support their customers’ needs.

ONE Wireless Platform Features

  • All-optical integrated SISO/MIMO antenna for maximum service delivery and virtually unlimited bandwidth support
  • Seamless optical links enable unprecedented location capabilities for location-based services (LBS) such as E911 and asset tracking 
  • Cellular service optimized

             -Modular design for future service additions or seamless MIMO upgrades

            - Signal source diagnostic supporting traditional and new sources such as small cells

            - Flexible capacity steering capabilities

            - Built-in spectrum monitoring

  • Gigabit Ethernet backhaul and Wi-Fi support 

            - Fiber provides broadband capabilities for today and tomorrow’s data throughput needs


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Corning ONETM Wireless Platform Delivers More

The proliferation of wireless devices are driving demand beyond current network and spectrum capacity. Over the past decade, many buildings have completed two to three DAS upgrades (rip and replace) because the traditional architecture lacked flexibility, and the bandwidth necessary to accommodate fast evolving wireless requirements.

Corning’s Optical Network Evolution (ONE) Platform delivers a future-ready indoor network via an all-optical backbone with flexible service support, and advanced management features to deliver value-added features to carrier and enterprise customers at a lower cost than the typical DAS solution.

Corning ONE Features and Benefits

Features Benefits  
All-Fiber Platform
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Faster deployment and less labor due to pre-connectorized solutions
1:1 Optical Connectivity
  • Seamless fiber media to the antenna
  • Unmatched accuracy for application support
  • Composite media delivers both power and unlimited bandwidth - never replace cables
  • Modular architecture offers seamless non-service interrupting upgrades
Built-in SISO/MIMO Antenna
  • Minimizes footprint
  • Expandable and modular multiservice support
Gigabit Ethernet Support
  • Unifies WiFi® and cellular over single media
  • Enables Ethernet backhaul and PoE
Support for all RF Sources
  • Optimized for all signal sources
  • Femto-listening mode provides small-cell enablement for smaller venues
Configurable 'Sectorization'
  • Capacity steering maximizes operator resources
  • Single headend supports up to three sectors/layers
distributed antenna system expert
distributed antenna system expert

All-Optical Networks - Future Proof, More Economic and More Versatile

ONETM  Wireless Platform Simplifies Connectivity

As data demand continues to grow, wireless operators are responding to the capacity challenge with multiple solutions, including: splitting cells, deploying mixed nodes, advocating the release of additional spectrum, and installing distributed antenna systems to bring the capacity closer to the users. 

Traditional distributed antenna systems utilize a combination of copper cabling and optical fiber, copper being the media connected to endpoint antennas. Corning ONE Wireless Platform utilizes optical fiber throughout the system all the way to the antenna to achieve faster, more reliable data connections, and higher data throughput. This results in better user experience, QoS and unmatched location accuracy for applications such as public safety, location-based services, and wireless telemetry.

Corning ONE Connectivity
Broadband Anatomy

The Advantages of Fiber

Immune to electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI), due to its lack of electrical conductivity, fiber provides for easy troubleshooting with no grounding considerations. Furthermore, Ethernet, Wi-Fi®, FDDI, ATM, voice, 3270, 5250 and any other access methods provide for fiber media support.

Fiber is very cost-effective at multiple levels. It is less expensive, smaller and lighter than the current industry-standard twisted-pair copper cables. Inter-building and in-building fiber backbones take up less space in conduit and due to its tensile strength and zero bend radius, it is easier to pull through floors and tight corners.

Because it provides virtually unlimited bandwidth, it is a future-proof investment requiring no more forklift cabling upgrades to increase bandwidth.

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Wireless Platform Launch Event

Corning ONETM  Wireless Platform Launch Event in Las Vegas 
Mike Bell, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Optical Connectivity Solutions and Bill Cune, VP of Strategy and Business Development launch the Corning ONE Wireless Platform at CTIA13.

Wireless Platform

Corning's ONE™ Wireless Platform
The Telecom Industry Association (TIA) interviews Bill Cune, VP of Strategy and Business Development at Corning at the ONE Wireless Platform launch event.

Corning ONE Wireless Platform

Corning's ONE™ Wireless Platform and the Optical Network Evolution
The Telecom Industry Association (TIA) interviews Mike O’Day, VP of Wireless Networks at Corning's Telecommunications Business Unit about the first all-optical converged in-building wireless solution designed to deliver more bandwidth, services and applications over a single fiber infrastructure.

Wireless Interview

RCR Wireless Interview
VP of Wireless Networks, Mike O'Day discusses Corning's brand new One Wireless Platform, which incorporates "fiber to the edge" to increase wireless bandwidth.

distributed antenna system expert
distributed antenna system expert

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