Rittal, is a leading global supplier of enclosure systems, automation and infrastructure with its industrial, IT, energy and power, cooling and service units. Rittal products and solutions are used in over 90% of global industries – standardised, customised, and always of the very best quality.

Our approach and methodology: Rittal, Rittal Software Systems (Eplan, Cideon and German Edge Cloud) and Rittal Automation Systems (RAS, Ehrt, Alfra) combine their hardware and software expertise to streamline, optimise and digitalise processes across the entire value chain for our customers including their IT infrastructure – from control and switchgear construction, machine building to factory operators or the energy sector.

Our delivery promise: Rittal standard products are delivered in Germany within 24 hours, and within 48 hours throughout Europe.

Customer focus

Improving efficiency and increasing productivity through automation and digitalisation is one of the biggest challenges for our customers. This requires in-depth knowledge and expertise, the combination of hardware and software, and cross-sector networking. We are convinced that creating and connecting data rooms is crucial to the success of industrial transformation. And that is exactly our speciality and field of competence.

Eplan and Rittal are driving the development of the digital automation twin, making data accessible and useable in operations as well. Cideon is improving data consistency in the digital product twin context with its CAD/CAM, PDM/PLM and product configuration expertise. German Edge Cloud’s ONCITE Digital Production System (DPS) makes production process data transparent, enabling it to be optimised – right through to energy management using digital production twins.


Environmental and climate protection, social commitment and ethical corporate management are a given for Rittal. We take our responsibility for a sustainable future seriously. Our approach to resource management and conservation involves continuous improvement of our own production processes and ensuring that our products have the lowest possible Product Carbon Footprint. Our solutions support our customers in achieving their own climate targets.

Family business and global player

Founded in 1961, Rittal is the largest company in the owner-operated Friedhelm Loh Group. The group operates worldwide, with more than 12 production sites and over 95 international subsidiaries. It has more than 12,000 employees and posted revenues of 3 billion euros in fiscal 2022. In 2023, the Friedhelm Loh Group was presented with the “Best Place to Learn” and “Employer of the Future” awards. Rittal received the Top 100 award as one of Germany’s most innovative medium-sized companies.

For more information, visit www.rittal.com and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com.

Wesco Anixter and Rittal joined forces in 2016 signing a global Master Sales Agreement and since then have developed a worldwide strategic Alliance adopting a unified market approach, systematic development of global key accounts and joint sales and marketing activities.

The companies have created joint solutions like Edge Data Centres (DC) or IT Containers and continue to develop new solutions. Customer feedback from both, the IT and industrial sectors about their combined solutions is extremely positive and they are convinced of their value proposition and competitiveness.


Industry Infrastructure Solutions

Rittal – The System. Faster – better – everywhere.

Challenges facing our customers are at the heart of Rittal’s business. Developing future-proof solutions alongside customers, anticipating market developments and trends at an early stage and creating competitive advantages are the basis of our success. As a global market leader, Rittal’s product portfolio includes configurable enclosure systems, the data from which is made available across the entire production process. It connects smart Rittal cooling solutions (consuming an average of 75% less energy and permit high CO2 savings) to the production environment via interfaces, and it permits predictive maintenance and servicing. The range of products and services offered also includes innovative IT products, from IT racks and modular data centres, to edge and hyperscale computing solutions. Within Germany, Rittal can supply products on demand within 24 hours – with precision, flexibility and efficiency.

Rittal and Anixter provide industrial floor standing and wall–mounted enclosures with a unique range of accessories for system integration, power distributions and enclosure climate control. Various configurators exist to select your perfect solution. The products are available globally.

IT Infrastructure Solutions

The digital transformation is revolutionising production. To control production in line with Industry 4.0, all components are now interlinked and communicate with one another: robots, human/machine interfaces, sensors and actuators, machines, tools and control systems. Their values are compared against their digital twin. This generates vast volumes of data. That’s where decentralized Edge Data Centres come in as well as Hyperscale and Colocations DCs.

Rittal and Anixter provide customised data centre/ micro data centre solutions like “Rack & Stack Offerings”, Smart Rack offerings for Colocation, Industrial Rack packages for industrial environments, Outdoor solutions for Telco, and Container solutions for global System Integrators.

Rittal - Reliable partnership for various industries

Food and Beverage    |     Process    |     Automotive    |    Maritime    |    Aviation

Rail    |     Public utilities and traffic engineering    |    Machine Building    |    Energy



Comprehensive solutions for climate control, enclosures, power distribution and IT infrastructure have made Rittal famous worldwide. As a renowned partner in numerous industries, we offer high-quality solutions that comply with both regional and supraregional regulations. Our clear focus on quality, delivery reliability and excellent service enables us to meet your requirements.

A look at selected industries and our solutions:




Food & Beverage

Elevate Food Production with Rittal's Cutting-edge Solutions

Discover the Power of Food Safety and Sustainability in Food and Luxury Food Production

At Rittal, we're committed to redefining the landscape of Food and Beverage production. Our focus? Food safety, hygiene, and digitalization. With an unwavering dedication to excellence, we offer robust solutions that streamline your production processes, cultivating an environment that's not only safe but hygienic too.

The modern food industry is no stranger to challenges – from demanding production conditions to the digital age revolution. Our solutions address these head-on. As food safety takes center stage, we're your ally in navigating these complex terrains.

While hygiene and process reliability remain crucial, we recognize that sustainability and efficient resource consumption are pivotal drivers in this ever-evolving sector.

Our system solutions for hygienic production are meticulously crafted to align with current standards and guidelines. They not only reduce cleaning times but also elevate plant hygiene to unparalleled heights.

Witness the future of energy-efficient air conditioning with our Blue e+ cooling units – on average, they deliver an astounding 75% more efficiency. Whether it's for hygienic or dry settings, these units set new benchmarks.

Our flexibility isn't confined to production lines; it extends to IT solutions too. Safeguard your critical processes with our adaptable IT solutions, providing the security you need in an ever-changing digital landscape.

Rittal: Where Innovation Meets Food Production. Experience a seamless blend of safety, hygiene, and sustainability – transforming your journey in the Food and Luxury Food Industry.





Empower Your Process Industry Evolution with Rittal's Expertise

Modernizing Processes for Unprecedented Efficiency

In the ever-evolving process industry, disruption is a constant. An essential driver of success lies in cultivating transparent, efficient, and controlled processes across every organizational level. Through cutting-edge solutions, we spearhead process modernization, amplifying efficiency to unlock peak productivity and quality benchmarks. Our dependable products and services ensure that your facilities seamlessly align with global regulations and the highest industry standards.

Rittal presents an all-encompassing solutions portfolio spanning every industry facet: upstream, midstream, and downstream operations. Our high-performance, state-of-the-art infrastructure and digitalization solutions yield returns along the entire process continuum – from extraction and transportation to seamless processing.

A stalwart partner for premier process control system suppliers in mission-critical hydrocarbon processing plants globally, Rittal embodies:

The unyielding robustness and adaptability of our product range

Global applicability, underscored by standardized, rigorously tested solutions and certifications

Modular enclosure systems forged from premium 316L stainless steel alloys, built to withstand even the harshest corrosive environments

Purpose-built enclosures catering to potentially explosive atmospheres, ensuring equipment security in dynamic settings

Trustworthy air-conditioning solutions that maintain peak equipment performance

Rittal: Your Architect of Process Industry Advancement. Embrace innovation and reliability as the bedrock of your journey towards modernized, efficient processes.





Optimising production processes is key. The ultimate goal is end-to-end Empower Your Automotive Evolution with Rittal's Innovative Solutions

Elevating Your Automotive Lead into the Electric Era

As the automotive landscape embarks on its most monumental transformation – the electrification journey – Rittal stands by your side, equipping you with groundbreaking solutions that elevate your processes, enhance efficiency, and ensure optimal product protection.

The key to success lies in optimizing production processes. The ultimate aspiration? A holistic plant digitalization, integrating supply chains and harnessing the power of data analytics, AI, and energy-efficient technology.

Embracing the electrification wave, the automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented shifts. Electric vehicles seamlessly integrate into product portfolios, ushering in substantial investments in development and production.

For the automotive realm, Rittal presents comprehensive system solutions (IE+IT) engineered to meet these demands. Our solutions shine in environments with unique requirements – foundries, radiator construction, and the dynamic realm of electromobility. They also excel in vibration-prone zones, such as the press line.

Rittal products carve their success path across various domains, including body-in-white, paint shops, conveyor technology, assembly lines, and engine construction. Our expansive product series variety empowers customers to save significant costs and time through flexible combinations and swift availability from stock.

Rittal: Your Trailblazer in Automotive Innovation. Embrace the electric future with solutions that redefine efficiency, protection, and productivity in the ever-evolving automotive landscape.





Navigating Maritime Challenges with Rittal's Certified Solutions

Mastering Extreme Environmental Conditions in the Maritime Industry

In the maritime sector, where technical systems battle the harshest environmental elements, Rittal emerges as the stalwart provider of robust, certified solutions that ensure unwavering protection against the rigors of the open seas.

Spanning both terra firma and the high seas, Rittal's solutions extend their versatility:

Comprehensive system solutions tailored for port and shipyard facilities on land, as well as for ships, offshore platforms, and even inland navigation systems at sea

Adherence to stringent environmental prerequisites and regulations set by prominent classification societies, including DNV GL, LR, and ABS

Harnessing intelligent IT and climate control solutions, we address the distinct challenges posed by shipboard conditions – from ceaseless vibrations to fluctuating temperature and humidity.

Our enclosure solutions, available in sheet steel, aluminum zinc, plastic, and stainless steel, are fortified with super-tough surface coatings that ensure the longevity of sensitive electronics. With a range of -30°C to +70°C, Rittal's weather-resistant rack and enclosure systems stand as a reliable bulwark.

Embracing a global presence, our international production facilities are complemented by a comprehensive service and spare parts management network, ensuring seamless support regardless of your location.

Rittal: Your Navigator in Maritime Excellence. Embrace solutions that conquer the extremes, safeguarding your systems against the forces of nature across the maritime domain.





Elevate Aviation Excellence with Rittal's Innovations

Navigating the Skies with Confidence - Rittal's Aviation Solutions

In the dynamic realm of aviation, digitalization has ushered in an era of transformative change and novel business paradigms. At the forefront of this evolution, Rittal introduces innovative solutions that span the entirety of the aviation spectrum, ensuring steadfast infrastructure and dependable operations.

Embracing the wings of innovation, Rittal offers holistic infrastructure solutions tailored for data centers and IT networks:

Comprehensive options, spanning the realm from traditional data center planning and project management to cutting-edge cloud and edge solutions for real-time data processing

Ensuring seamless airport operations:

Efficiency and operational reliability converge through our integrated offerings

Fail-safe, 24/7 solutions designed to fortify airport operations

Uncompromising robust enclosure solutions, intelligent climate control systems, and expansive IT infrastructure to safeguard every facet of your processes

From construction support to development aid and prototyping, we stand as your unwavering partner in the pursuit of aviation excellence.

Rittal: Your Beacon in Aviation Advancement. Experience a seamless blend of reliability, innovation, and support as you soar into the future of aviation.





Seamless Rail Solutions with Rittal: Journey to Efficiency

Navigating Railway Innovation with Rittal's Precision

In the landscape of expanding mobility paradigms, the onus on existing and emerging transport infrastructures, as well as railway operators, intensifies. Acknowledging the significance of uninterrupted operations, Rittal introduces unwavering solutions that not only ensure operational efficacy but also usher in a secure and efficient rail infrastructure.

Efficiency and operational dependability converge as Rittal presents bespoke products and services tailored for the rail industry:

Holistic system and infrastructure solutions, encompassing every facet of railway technology, ensuring unimpeded operation across stations, signal boxes, tracks, and tunnels

Steering toward the future, Rittal stands as a trailblazer:

Enclosure solutions designed for stationary applications within railway infrastructure – indoors, outdoors, and in tunnels

Adherence to industry-specific standards and prerequisites, encompassing environmental conditions, protection class, and resistance classes

Industry-specialized engineering, FEM calculations, project documentation, and adept guidance

Tailor-made climate control components designed in accordance with installation locale, specifications, and power considerations

Embracing a global outlook, our international service network reinforces our commitment to railway advancement.

Rittal: Your Catalyst in Railway Excellence. Embark on a journey of efficiency and security as you traverse the rails of innovation with our reliable solutions.




Public utilities and traffic engineering

Elevate Communication Networks with Rittal's Future-Ready Solutions

Navigating the Nexus of Connectivity in Infrastructure/Telecommunications

In an era driven by 5G, IoT, and AI, communication networks face uncharted demands. As the digital realm propels forward, Rittal emerges as the architect of solutions poised to surmount these challenges, ensuring seamless connectivity and dependable communication.

Adapting to the surging internet usage, Rittal introduces solutions engineered to meet escalating data volume and speed requirements, empowering the digital world with reliable communication:

Robust, high-performance solutions, synonymous with cutting-edge telecom infrastructure

From mobile phone networks to broadband connections, Rittal furnishes intelligent, flexible solutions that span the entire spectrum of telecom networks, all under one roof. Our solutions, renowned for their versatility, robustness, and efficiency, can be scaled to seamlessly match bespoke customer needs.

With Rittal, connectivity knows no bounds:

Superlative enclosure, power distribution, and climate control solutions tailored to the technological backbone of urban conglomerates – spanning telecommunications, eGovernment, healthcare, and water management

Pioneering system solutions for low-voltage switchgear power distribution, accommodating currents up to 5,500 Ampere

Weather-resistant, scalable outdoor/indoor enclosures, and system solutions engineered to brave challenging environmental conditions

Rittal: Your Beacon in Infrastructure/Telecommunications Advancement. Experience connectivity at its zenith, fortified by solutions that drive your communication networks forward into the future.




Machine Building

Optimize Your Machinery with Rittal's Precision Solutions

Empowering Machine Building with Efficiency and Reliability

In the realm of machine building, where time and energy efficiency reign supreme, Rittal's solutions emerge as the cornerstone for streamlined operations. By amalgamating integrated engineering and system solutions, we elevate efficiency, conforming to global standards.

Unleash the power of precise solutions:

  • Housings designed to endure extreme conditions, from dusty to oily air environments
  • Cooling solutions tailored for seamless integration, ensuring optimal performance across any locale
  • Efficient energy supply solutions that fortify machinery operations

From concept to execution, Rittal is your steadfast partner, offering a comprehensive worldwide delivery and service network, supplemented by on-site support.

Rittal: Your Catalyst for Elevated Machine Efficiency. Embrace solutions that propel your machinery operations to new heights of efficiency, reliability, and precision.





Power generation

The expansion and restructuring of energy production will require considerable efforts in the coming years. The move away from coal, gas and oil towards electricity from renewable sources is leading to the rapid expansion of many decentralised generation facilities. In order to make the move away from fossil fuels efficient, Rittal offers you high-performance, cost-optimised system solutions for renewable energies. Standardised components in modular design make it easier for you to plan and set up the system.

Energy transmission

The growing share of renewable energies is putting enormous strain on the electricity grid and increasing its complexity.  A multitude of decentralised actors generate energy. At the same time, generation fluctuates depending on location, time of day and weather conditions.

In order to balance generation and consumption, the energy infrastructure must therefore become more transparent, flexible and intelligent. For maximum protection of your power grid technology, even in harsh ambient conditions, Rittal provides you with a modular system of enclosures and climate control components to meet these challenges.

Energy storage

Energy storage systems are indispensable for the success of the energy transition, in order to utilise excess capacities and keep the grid in balance.  As a partner with experience in the industry, Rittal offers you the right solutions to decouple power generation and power consumption over time. With a flexible, scalable modular system, Rittal makes it easier for you to set up energy storage systems and offers you various components that are perfectly matched to one another: Enclosures, power distribution, climate control solutions, automation solutions for control and switchgear engineering, and worldwide service.

Energy consumption

Energy consumption has different aspects. On the one hand, it is about efficient energy management, with which companies can reduce electricity consumption. Sector coupling, i.e. the connection of the electricity, heat, building, transport and industry sectors, is another important component of the energy transition.

With regard to increasing e-mobility, it is crucial to make electricity available at many decentralised points - in charging parks, at home, at the employer's or when shopping. In short: charging infrastructure is necessary where the car is parked.

Rittal is tackling the new issues together with its sister companies Eplan and GEC in order to digitise and automate processes. In this way, even complex systems and tasks can be presented transparently and aligned more quickly with the future.

IT Solutions

Standardised data centre solutions.
Available quickly and accessible everywhere.

What are RiMatrix Micro Data Centers?

  • World-wide standardised IT infrastructure solutions, adapted to local conditions
  • Quickly available Micro Data Centers with guaranteed, consistent quality
  • Total solutions with all the relevant OT components


Influences and factors in the customer environment

  • Growing need for IT infrastructure due to the generation of unprecedented volumes of data
  • IT infrastructure must be established or expanded on
  • Can be used in every sector, including the automotive industry, the energy sector, manufacturing industry, etc
  • Requirements:
    • Easy to source, purchase and assemble
    • Customisable solutions
    • High availability, short delivery times
    • High quality
    • Matching and corresponding components
IT Solutions: RiMatrix Micro Data Centers


IT Solutions: RiMatrix Micro Data Center – Fast forward to the Edge.

RiMatrix Micro Data Center – Fast forward to the Edge.

Complete solutions from low-end to high-end cooling

  • Racks - Wide range of options and sizes for different applications
  • Cooling - High-performance cooling systems with high energy efficiency
  • Accessories - Available as options: PDUs, UPSs, monitoring items and other OT components
  • Well designed, well crafted and well considered - Well thought-through and feasibility checked for your specific application
  • Service - Assembly, Commissioning and handover, and Service contracts



RiMatrix Micro Data Center – Fast forward to the Edge.

Cooling output from 1.6 kW to 5.8 kW

IT in general infrastructure environment

IT in general infrastructure environment
  • Complete OT solution
  • Indoor solution for small to medium IT applications
  • Passive cooling through patented hybrid cooling technology
  • Average 1/3 energy saving potential*
  • Cooling output of up to 5.8 kW
  • Well designed and easy to install

IT in industrial environment

IT in industrial environment
  • This edge solution is perfect for capturing production or IoT sensor data, and for the data management of all the information that arises.

*Benefits over conventional coolant-based cooling solutions


Cooling output from 12 kW to 53 kW

IT as 1 – 4 rack solution

IT as 2 rack solution
  • Complete OT solution
  • Indoor solution for medium to large IT applications
  • Cooling by air/air or air/water heat exchangers
  • High-density cooling solution, up to 53 kW
  • 1 – 4 rack solution
  • Carefully planned and easy to scale
IT as 4 rack solution
  • Smart cities, interconnected vehicles and streaming services bring with them the challenge of continuous availability of safety-relevant data. This calls for data centres with ultimate levels of fail-safeness.
  • RiMatrix Micro data centres are the answer, being exceptionally energy-efficient with a small footprint.


IT as 2 rack solution


RiMatrix Micro Data Center – Fast forward to the Edge.

Complete solutions from low-end to high-end cooling

  • 10 indoor and 4 outdoor options
  • 12,24,42, and 47 U rack size
  • Up to 53 kW cooling output


IT applications in the outdoor sector

IT in outdoor environment

IT in outdoor environment solution
  • Complete OT solution
  • Indoor solution for medium to large IT applications
  • Passive cooling through patented hybrid cooling technology
  • Average 1/3 energy saving potential*
  • Cooling output up to 5 kW
  • Well designed and easy to install
IT in outdoor environment solution 2

Companies in the mobile telecommunications or infrastructure sector often have to install their solutions outdoors. The electrical components need to be well protected from weather and any other external threats. Solutions for outdoor use, therefore, need to be corrosion-resistant, able to withstand high ambient temperatures over long periods, and demonstrate a long life cycle. Solutions for outdoor use thus have to be corrosion-resistant, able to withstand high ambient temperatures over long periods, and demonstrate a long life cycle.

*Benefits over conventional coolant-based cooling solutions



Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

IT Container

Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology
  • Innovative climate control for data centre containers
  • Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology
  • Addressing growing data volumes and IT infrastructure demands
  • Solution for space constraints in existing IT environments
  • Mobile, scalable, secure, and quickly deployable containers
  • Modular design for flexible configuration based on requirements
  • Cooling units mounted externally, freeing up interior space
  • Enhanced rack space utilization due to external cooling units
  • Hybrid technology for resource-efficient and cost-effective climate control
  • Robust sheet-steel container tailored for IT applications
  • Encapsulated interior wall construction with thermal insulation
  • Redundant data centre climate control and server racks
  • Inclusion of cable management, raised floor, fire detection, extinguishing system, network distribution, IT power distribution, and UPS systems
  • Comprehensive and integrated data centre solution by Rittal


Industrial Solutions

VX SE Free Standing Single Enclosure System

Industrial Solutions in standard environment

  • For customers in need of space-saving enclosure solutions, our VX SE series offers the following key benefits:
  • Robust Construction: Solid side panels and roof without gaps minimize dirt buildup and reduce ordering and assembly effort.
  • High Security: Protection class up to IP 66/NEMA 4 or 4X, NEMA 3R, IK 10 impact resistance, and UL approval for versatile applications.
  • Integrated Grounding: Conductively connected side panels, roof, and enclosure frame eliminate the need for additional grounding, even when using Rittal climate control and fan units.
  • Easy Handling: Single enclosures up to 1800 mm width can replace multiple bayed enclosures. No seals, no bayed accessories, no mounting plate infills required.
  • Cable Management: Integrated gland plates in the base facilitate simple cable entry into IP 66/NEMA 4 and 4X enclosures.
  • Compatibility: The VX SE adapter rail is fully compatible with VX25 enclosures, allowing for consistent interior assembly and accessory usage.
  • Versatile Use: High protection classes, various sizes, and material options make the VX SE series suitable for a multitude of applications, even in confined spaces.
  • Standard Options Available: All standard enclosures are readily available from stock.

VX25. System Perfection

  • Elevate Your Planning with VX25: The Ultimate Digital Twin Enclosure Solution: Unleash the potential of your planning phase with the revolutionary VX25 Digital Twin Enclosure Solution. Dive into the advantages of this cutting-edge offering through a series of powerful features:
  • Tailored Precision: Our expansive enclosure system is meticulously customized to fit each customer's unique specifications, seamlessly realized through a virtual process.
  • Flexibility and Efficiency: Experience the prowess of a product design that boasts inherent flexibility and efficiency right from its inception, driving intelligence across the entire value chain.
  • Swift Project Planning: Harness the power of EPLAN Pro Panel, our advanced software-driven engineering solution. Seamlessly expedite project planning with unmatched ease and efficiency.
  • Optimal Space Utilization: Our pragmatic planning approach ensures every inch counts. Unlock the potential for substantial savings in spatial allocation and logistics expenditure.
  • Effortless Customization: Navigate through streamlined online orders and intuitive CAD data downloads, available in various formats. The Rittal Configuration System empowers error-free customization, even for those without prior CAD expertise.
  • Reliability Through Plausibility: Embedded plausibility assessments provide instant feedback, ensuring a robust level of reliability. Embrace a straightforward configuration process with no room for errors.
  • Automated Efficiency: The verified configuration and engineering outputs form the bedrock for automated process oversight and manufacturing. Experience unparalleled efficiency, minimizing preparatory efforts without compromising on quality benchmarks.


Blue e+ cooling

Blue e+ cooling
  1. Unmatched Efficiency: Introduced by Rittal in 2015, the Blue e+ technology represents the most efficient series of cabinet cooling devices available. It has continued to evolve since then.
  2. Significant Energy Savings: Blue e+ offers an average energy savings of approximately 75% when compared to conventional cooling devices. This remarkable reduction in energy consumption contributes significantly to lowering CO₂ emissions.
  3. Innovative Hybrid Technology: The revolutionary energy efficiency of Blue e+ is achieved through a unique hybrid technology consisting of two parallel refrigeration circuits. These circuits work together or separately based on temperature differences.
  4. Extended Component Lifespan: The technology's precision temperature control minimizes temperature fluctuations, leading to longer lifespans for installed components. This durability enhances the overall reliability of the system.
  5. Global Applicability: Blue e+ is designed for global use, ensuring that its benefits can be leveraged across various geographic locations and climates.
  6. IoT Integration: Blue e+ is integrated into the Internet of Things (IoT) landscape, enhancing monitoring, control, and data analysis capabilities for improved system management and performance optimization.
  7. Enhanced Flexibility: This technology offers adaptability to diverse applications, operational settings, and power ranges, making it suitable for a wide range of scenarios.
  8. Reliability and Low Maintenance: Blue e+ units provide maximum reliability with reduced maintenance needs. This ensures minimal downtime and quick readiness for operation.
  9. Simplicity in Planning and Operation: From system planning to operation and installation, Blue e+ technology is designed for ease of use, making the entire process seamless.
  10. Passive Cooling Circuit: The passive cooling circuit employs heat pipes to dissipate heat from the enclosure when the ambient temperature falls below the set point.


Blue e+ cooling

Blue e+ cooling 2
  • World's Most Efficient Cooling System: Rittal's Blue e+ series has established itself as the global leader in cabinet cooling efficiency. Through an innovative fusion of heat pipes and compressors, it enables an average energy savings of around 75% compared to conventional systems. This translates to substantial cost savings and a significant reduction in the CO2 footprint.
  • Minimized Temperature Fluctuations: Blue e+ cooling devices from Rittal excel at reducing temperature fluctuations within cabinets. This directly enhances the lifespan of electronic components and elevates their reliability. In numerous use cases, the energy efficiency of Blue e+ devices outperforms earlier generations significantly.
  • Efficiency & Service Check: To unlock the full potential of Blue e+ technology, Rittal offers the "Efficiency & Service Check" as a consultative service. A trained service specialist assesses installed devices on-site, documenting their condition and maintenance needs. Based on this assessment, tailored recommendations are developed to prevent unplanned production downtime and reduce associated costs.
  • Individual Efficiency Analysis: Customers also receive a personalized efficiency analysis for all devices. This analysis highlights potential savings in energy consumption, energy costs, and CO2 emissions achievable through the proactive replacement of older devices with Blue e+ units. Furthermore, the efficiency analysis includes Return on Investment (ROI) information and an amortization calculation. Optionally, Rittal assists customers in conducting a Proof of Concept, validating identified energy-saving potentials through real-world comparative measurements. Rittal also aids customers in securing grants for energy efficiency measures and supports their decision-making process.
  • Comprehensive Implementation: Beyond consultation and planning, Rittal takes charge of implementing modernization measures to enhance energy efficiency. Being the manufacturer of Blue e+ technology and a service provider with a global network of skilled technicians, Rittal offers customers an all-encompassing package from a single source.


Compact Enclosure AX with System

Compact Enclosure AX with System

System with Maximum Flexibility:

  • Customize your space according to your needs with the flexible interior design using the well-known 25mm grid.
  • Rely on proven VX system components for a dependable solution.
  • Utilize pre-assembled cables with fully flexible cable routing for easy installation and adjustments.

Seamless Engineering for Smooth Operations:

  • Avoid post-installation modifications through accurate and consistent configuration using RiPanel.
  • Effortlessly assemble and maintain with digitized instructions and wiring plan pocket from the ePOCKET.
  • Minimize errors thanks to meticulous engineering

Efficient Interior Construction with Practical Advantages:

  • Expedite interior construction by easily screwing in the interior assembly rails.
  • Eliminate the need for drilling and mechanical alterations.
  • Optimize space usage and enhance stability.
  • Simplify grounding with automatic potential equalization.
  • Install doors and locks without the need for tools.
  • Reduce errors and facilitate maintenance through simple replacement of defective components.
  • Opt for stability and longevity for seamless operations.





Discover the new plastic compact enclosures. And experience the benefits of a unique enclosure series for yourself – Sophisticated system technology combined with an extremely robust material.

  • 14 sizes available from stock, with or without viewing window
  • 7 times higher UV protection for full outdoor capabilities
  • With all necessary certifications and approvals for worldwide use


  • High level of safety for people and installed equipment
  • UL F1 outdoor rating (UL 746C) thanks to 7 times higher UV resistance
  • UL approval for industrial enclosures (508A)
  • Fire protection corresponding to UL 94 V-0
  • Smart enclosure design permits interior installation without impairment of the encapsulated space, i.e.
    • retaining the high protection category up to IP 66/NEMA 4X
    • retaining protection class II


Robust outdoor enclosure meets smart climate control

Industrie Standards in outdoor environment

  • Toptec outdoor enclosure
  • Intelligent double-walled design with chimney effect to reduce the influence of exposure to the sun and enable passive heat dissipation
  • Weather canopy with projections in all directions offers additional shading and protection against snow or rain
  • TS 8 frame for flexible interior installation (use of mounting plates or 19" components is also possible)
  • High-quality materials: Frame in V2A stainless steel, panels in aluminium
  • Surfaces powder-coated and with UV-resistant polyester finish (RAL 7035) for optimal protection against the elements
  • Meets the requirements of protection ratings IP 55 and IK 10
  • 100 mm transport base 

Outdoor applications are not all alike, so what is important to you?

Where will your enclosure be used? Depending on the environment and any existing protection, you will require different levels of robustness, different climate control solutions, coatings, heating options, network capabilities and more besides. The demands to be met by outdoor applications are particularly diverse: 

  • Wide temperature fluctuations call for different active and passive climate control solutions
  • Humidity, UV radiation and salt necessitate optimum corrosion and surface protection
  • Protection against vandalism and unauthorised access plays a security-relevant role
  • Noise emissions must be minimised effectively for installations in urban environments


Wall-mounted cooling unit Blue e+ Outdoor

Energy-efficient Blue e+ outdoor wall-mounted cooling units in output categories ranging from 1500 W to 5000 W. With their high protection category of IP 56 / UL type 12/3R/4 and a temperature range of -30 °C to 60 °C, they provide optimum protection in challenging environments. The cooling unit can be mounted in three different ways (external mounting, partial internal mounting and full internal mounting), for example on Toptec project solutions.



Enhanced Safety: Ex Plastic Enclosure AX

Industry Standards in critical environment

Industry Standards in critical environment

Significantly Enhance Functionality:

The empty Ex plastic Enclosure AX is certified for use in potentially explosive environments involving gases (Zones 1 and 2) and/or dust (Zone 21 and 22).

  • Certified Safety with International EX Approvals: The enclosure's double sealing design is crafted from durable, temperature-resistant, and UV-resistant material, ensuring certified safety and meeting international EX standards.
  • Versatile Mounting Options: The enclosure offers flexibility in mounting due to a wide range of interior configuration possibilities.
  • ATEX and IECEx Approval: Approved for Ex Zones 1 and 2, and Zones 21 and 22 as per 2014/34/EU standards. It complies with EN 60 079 for device protection via increased safety (Ex e) and device protection through enclosure (Ex tb).
  • UL Approval: UL HazLoc approval for hazardous areas in North America, UL 508A for industrial cabinets, UL 746 for F1 outdoor rating, and UL 94 V-0 flame rating.
  • High Protection Ratings: Boasts an IP 66 / NEMA 4X protection rating.
  • Electrical Isolation: Offers protection class II with 1000 V DC electrical insulation.



Hygienic Design – Extra cleanliness guaranteed

Industry Standards for hygienical critical environments

Industry Standards for hygienical critical environments

Hygiene is an absolute must in the food industry: Machinery, plant and components must readily withstand daily cleaning with pressure washers and jet steam cleaners. There surfaces must also be easy to clean, and/or designed to prevent contaminants from adhering to them. Rittal's Hygienic Design addresses these aspects and provides the appropriate solutions for use in the food & beverage industry.

Safer and cleaner with Hygienic Design enclosures, designed specifically for use in the food and beverage industry. Small and compact enclosures, large enclosures and accessories made from stainless steel in Hygienic Design variants.

Hygienic Design solutions have tested quality which means that the entire solution has been tested for water/dust-tightness in accordance with the specified standards and regulations:

  • Smooth surface finish is easy to clean and disinfect (Ra of less than 0.8 μm)
  • No hard-to-clean gaps where contamination could collect
  • Liquid contaminants quickly run off the top of the enclosure due to the 30 degree inclination
  • Protection of IP56/59
  • Silicone seal prevents transfer of colourants, flavourings and unwanted odours
  • Dyed blue seals making them clearly distinguishable from contaminants e.g. food residues
  • International standards & approvals (DIN EN ISO 14159:2008, DIN EN 1672-2:2009, C-UR, CSA)
  • Tested in accordance to GS-NV 6






White Papers



IT Videos:

Energy efficiency and cost pressure are two demands on DC planners. Here’s a solution approach!

For which environments are the RiMatrix Micro Data Center suited?


What are the advantages of the predefined RiMatrix Micro Data Center?

Future-oriented IT power management. Available, secure and efficient.


VX IT – The worlds fastest IT Rack

TX CableNet – Get it. Locate it. Patch it. Taking cable management to a new level.


Data centre container with Blue e+ outdoor cooling technology

Rittal IoT Interface


Industry Videos:

RiPanel Online Configuration System

Blue e+ chillers – The world’s most efficient range of chillers





RiMatrix Next Generation – The next generation of future-proof IT infrastructures

The Rittal RiMatrix NG is an open system platform for uninterrupted availability, high data quality, innovative cooling management, optimised energy efficiency and maximised security. Data centres can be individually configured or assembled using standard components. This allows you to implement customised solutions for all IT scenarios: from individual rack installation, to edge, enterprise and colocation data centres, through to hyperscale data centres.

  • An open system platform which is continuously updated to reflect future technology trends
  • Modular solutions for applications offering fast availability and flexible scalability
  • Guaranteed system extendibility and investment protection thanks to compatibility with predecessor data centre versions
  • VX IT modular variants provide the basis for a customer-specific configurable enclosure platform
  • Planning and operational support through to optimisation of the entire IT lifecycle
  • OCP technology in standard applications opens up new efficiency potential


Rittal has bundled their innovative products from enclosures, power distribution, climate control and IT infrastructure. Please find below some impressions of our product portfolio.



Rittal IT Container Solutions

Growing data volumes and escalating requirements often lead to space problems in existing IT environments. Container solutions suitable for outdoor settings is one possible solution for this kind of Big data applications. These container solutions are delivered pre-assembled, and can be up and running in next to no time. The spectrum ranges from pure IT containers, through to complete all-in-one systems containing the entire physical IT infrastructure.


The new product platform for industry 4.0. After the Blue e + cooling units and the baying enclosure system VX25, we come to full circle with the compact enclosures AX and the small enclosures KX. With this product launch, Rittal's entire core portfolio is perfectly equipped to meet the new requirements of digitisation, and makes an important contribution to successful Industry 4.0 structures.



RiMatrix Container

A time-saving alternative to custom-designed data centers, RiMatrix S represents a set of preconfigured, fully-compatible data center modules with well-define power consumption and efficiency ratings. The system is a coordinated ensemble of Rittal's racks, climate control products, power backup and distribution systems and monitoring equipment. Ideal for installations like SMEs, users can benefit from shorter lead times and the ability to tailor the modules to fit within existing building infrastructure.


Schaffhausen ABB

It's the result of a collaboration between ABB, HPE and Rittal: an all-in-one plug and play industrial data center solution that is specifically designed to run in industrial environments, to bring enterprise-grade IT capacity closer to its machine control and points of data collection.


The new one: the AX

New horizons –AE becomes AX: A modest range of enclosures developed into the world’s largest modular system for enclosure manufacture. Since Rittal was founded, the company’s impressive innovative strength has spawned numerous enclosure generations, with millions of units in use – always ahead of their time. The latest generation – the AX – is a response to the challenges of the Industry 4.0 era and is the new original.

PDU: Rittal presents the latest PDU generation.

Demand-based power distribution in the IT rack – Smart and secure. Whether you need a compact, basic power distribution unit or are monitoring the entire energy requirements of your server rack, switching each slot individually or conducting in-depth consumption analyses, we have the right solution to meet your needs.


VX25 – The new symmetry from Rittal

Only ONE pitch pattern - Simple interior construction - Less complex – more possibilities - Simplified baying - Infinite baying possibilities - Quick-fit sealing

The new one: the KX

System perfection: The new small enclosure KX offers maximum data quality and consistency in engineering, and flexibility and safety for a wide range of applications.


Rittal Tools 1 Image

Security, availability and efficiency are curfcial to the productive operation of a data centre. This calls for a comprehensive approach which addresses all the relevant requirements as well as the peripheral conditions in order to devise the most suitable solution. As well as personalised advice, Rittal can also provide you with a comprehensive range of tools for selecting, configuring and monitoring all relevant parameters.


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Climate Control

Find out in just three steps which of the Rittal climate control solutions suits your requirements best.

Calculate your climate control requirements. Therm takes care of the time-consuming calculation of the required cooling output and selects suitable products.

This Configurator is a cost-effective way of designing your required machine and process cooling. Cooling output, volumetric flow and coolant temperatures are precisely tailored to the required level of your application.


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Power Distribution

Easily select tested low-voltage switchgears with Ri4Power systems


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Rittal RiPanel

All functions at a glance

  • Easy selection of an enclosure system
  • Error-free accessory selection with verification checks, visual presentation and positioning in the 3D model
  • Add machining options incl. CAD import of customer specific cut-outs
  • Automatic generation of technical data and direct submission of an enquiry or order

Your benefits:

  • Save time due to simple configuration and ordering process
  • No more errors when selecting accessories or machining options
  • Easier planning thanks to the instant product list and price display
  • Faster processes through integrated interfaces to Eplan and Rittal software
Rittal RiPanel


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Rittal RiPanel PDU Configurator

Rittal Tools 2 Image

The modular system of PDU variants from Rittal can be used to plan customer-specific PDU configurations that meet the majority of project requirements for an IT rack power supply.


  • List and visualise your configuration
  • Delivery times are shown transparently
  • Get direct pricing information when you log into the online shop

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Edge Data Center Configurator

Rittal Tools 3 Image

Rittal has developed a data centre for small and medium businesses, which allows them to configure complete, turnkey “private cloud” solutions very easily. The configurator includes both the analysis and configuration of rack, climate control, power supply and security components.


  • Your data centre configuration in just a few steps
  • Standardised solution
  • CFD analyses for all configurations and load ranges
  • Tested redundancy response

Climate control:


  • Output range from 3 to 30 kW
  • Cooling: LCU DX or LCP DX

Power supply:

  • Power distribution: PDU, basic version 3 x 16 A (optional metered version)
  • UPS: N+1 redundant ABB Upscale (optional)


  • Monitoring: CMC III Processing Unit with temperature measurement and access control (optional)
  • Automatic door opening (optional)
  • Rack-based early fire detection (optional)

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IT Infrastructure selector

Rittal Tools 4 Image

The IT Infrastructure configurator provides Partners, System Integrators, System Engineers and final users with a straightforward overview of the Rittal IT Competence. It covers all IT product areas and suggests relevant and assigned key accessories.


  • All product segments in the data centre at a glance: Network/server racks, solutions for IT cooling, IT power and IT monitoring
  • For added value, suitable accessories are suggested in every segment.
  • The result is an individual IT infrastructure, ready for you to request a quote from Rittal.

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RiMatrix S Selector

Rittal Tools 5 Image

Your selector for standardised data centres for SMEs, branch concepts and flexible cloud applications. Your solution is configured on the basis of standardised data centre modules.


  • RiMatrix S at a glance
  • Explanation of the option packages
  • Efficiency calculation for your location
  • As the outcome, you can save your compiled RiMatrix S solution as a PDF file.

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Micro Data Center Configurator

Rittal Tools 6 Image

Configure your individual security safe and the various configuration components which will expand your safe into a fully fitted Micro Data Centre.


  • Your complete micro data centre in just a few steps
  • Individual selection of configuration components
  • When you have finished, you can request a quote for your current configuration

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IT-Cooling Calculator

Rittal Tools 7 Image

This calculator enables you to easily select Liquid Cooling Packages (LCPs) for the rack and series cooling of your IT infrastructure. The cooling capacity of LCPs is calculated on the basis of a variety of physical parameters such as water inlet temperature and water volume, as well as the server inlet air and exhaust air temperatures. The complete results of the calculation can be saved as a pdf file in order to document the project.


  • Calculation of the cooling output of LCPs
  • Consideration of the various physical parameters
  • Save your finished calculation as a PDF file

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Rittal RiPanel VX25 Configurator

Rittal Tools 8 Image

For configuration, Rittal offers large enclosures in a range of sizes and designs. Materials, sizes and enclosure designs are tailored to all major requirement profiles. Benefit from the solution diversity of Rittal system accessories.







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Blue e+ S wall-mounted cooling unit
Baying enclosure system VX25 Basic enclosure
Compact enclosure AX basic enclosure, sheet steel image
7888120 TX CABLENET, VENTED, WHD: 800X2200X1000, RAL 7035 image
VX SE free-standing enclosure system image
Small enclosure KX E-Box, sheet steel image