Reduce labor costs and the risk of injury to your staff by using the INSTA-REEL by Anixter.



The INSTA-REEL by Anixter consists of a standard wooden reel that has oversized flanges attached to both sides and becomes a payout stand when chocked in place.

  • INSTA-REEL's inner reel spins independently of the outer flanges creating a reel with a built-in payout stand. Just roll the INSTA-REEL into place, chock the flanges and start pulling your cable.
  • INSTA-REELs are pre-loaded with the cable of your choice and delivered completely assembled. After use, the INSTA-REEL is returned to Anixter making it an eco-friendly as well as cost-efficient product.
  • By paralleling and phase taping multiple conductors on the same reel, you can further reduce your labor costs and time. Additionally, pulling eyes can be installed on single-conductor cables.

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Download a datasheet below to learn more about the INSTA-REEL solution.


  • Easily rolls into your pull position
  • Is shipped with flange chocks
  • Turns easily with independently spinning outer flanges
  • Can be pulled directly from the shipping cradle if desired
  • Gives the option of multiple conductors being paralleled onto the reel
  • Allows for pulling eyes to be installed on single-conductor cables


  • Reduces the time and injury risk of locating and setting up jack stands
  • Can be pulled directly from the shipping cradle if desired
  • Is returnable which eliminates disposal costs and lessens the environmental impact of standard wooden reels

Sizes and Applications

Anixter's INSTA-REELs come in several sizes. Each one fits a particular application.


14ZC-INSTA-1400-1120 Reel image

Approx. Empty Weight – 250 kilos
Our 1400 mm high by 1120 mm wide reel is designed to handle many types of cable. It has a large barrel to allow for large minimum bending radiuses.


14ZC-INSTA-1200-950W Reel image

Approx. Empty Weight – 150 kilos
The 1200 mm high by 950 mm wide reel for maneuvering through standard doorways.

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