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After many journeys even the best design needs some repair.

With the increasing focus on sustainability and a trend towards urban living, tomorrow’s vehicles must be designed differently. They will need to be built more quickly, be easier to maintain and be more cost-effective to run.

Difficult conditions will cause all of their parts to wear out over time. But now, thanks to innovative solutions from 3M, refurbishment can be easier and faster, and the effects will last for years.

3M is a worldwide leader in superior roof sealing applications and refurbishment solutions. A wide range of innovative 3M products meet regulatory standards and sustainability demands, while also allowing for flexible design and helping to increase productivity (in terms of time and cost efficiencies).

Durability is critical to optimise maintenance and overhaul costs. As an example the average life of a rail carriage is around 40 years.

It’s also important to make future repairs easier and more convenient, and downtime as short as possible. Using the right products is key to achieving the best performance.

3M tapes and adhesives have many advantages over traditional attachment methods: they are lightweight and offer chemical, corrosion and moisture resistance. They also reduce noise and vibration, improve aesthetics and speed up the assembly process.

Identify the most important issues and choose the most suitable 3M solutions.


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Industrial Protective Film 7070UV
Extreme Sealing Tape 4411N
VHB™ Tapes
Dual Lock™ Reclosable Fasteners