All-in-One: Easy Plug-In in Retail Solution with Facial Recognition

Anixter, Herta, Milestone and Rasilient partner to offer an all in one solution for retail

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The retail sector needs to solve problems of the frequent thefts that take place in shops. This type of crime is characterized by the fact that it is usually the same people who repeatedly commit these infringements. Consequently, having a system at their disposal that makes it possible to identify this type of subject in the most vulnerable places ends up being fundamental to avoid frequent thefts. The existence of databases with the faces of recurring offenders can help to resolve this problem.

On the other hand, there is also a growing interest in identifying the typology of the clients of a certain business. Systems of facial marketing permit the analysis of visitors’ faces providing demographic data that makes it possible to establish the profiles of habitual clients.

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All in one easy plug in retail solution with facial recognition solution is offered in partnership with Herta and Rasilient. XProtect Essential+ is the perfect match for smaller businesses who want basic video surveillance to protect employees and assets. With the ability to integrate with other systems and applications, you can utilize thousands of solutions from Milestone’s community and maximize your investment. Reliable, customizable,scalable, user-friendly and Secure, XProtect Essential+ is a full-featured version of Milestone’s market-leading video management software (VMS) with options to scale as needed.

Intelligent Video Analytics Server AS161MT is optimized for Analytic/Machine earning Video Surveillance applications. The AS161MT comes fully integrated and tested with industry leading video analytic software, offering a turnkey platform for Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Heuristic Analytic applications. With a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU) optimized for the video analytics market, Powerful server and storage system, built around dual high-performance Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors, it is the perfect open platform to integrate Milestone VMS, and Herta Face Recognition Video Analytic Software.

Face analytics is useful as a means of detecting and identifying an individual, but it is also an excellent tool for learning more about your customers. With facial analysis technology it is possible to classify individuals based on their physical appearance and then use that information for interactive, targeted marketing. By extracting individual’s characteristics such as age range, gender, ethnicity, use of glasses, and facial expression, Herta’s facial marketing provides enormous added value to advertising systems, by assessing the segmentation of the target  audience. This way, advertisements are projected to the actual targets of a campaign.


  • Integrated solution from security market leaders all in one platform
  • Specially designed for small/mid installations

  • Combination of Security + Analytics + Storage at a very special price:
    • Watchlists identification
    • Customer statistics
    • Video Management for face recognition and your CCTV system
    • Optimized hardware to run and storage
    • All in one solution to provide a plug and play tool for your businesses

  • Preinstalled software in the hardware
  • 1 or 2 hours remote setup for fine tuning
  • Easy to grow very scalable solution.

Anixter, Herta, Milestone and Rasilient partner to offer an all in one solution for retail image


You can get all of above in All In-One Easy Plug-In Retail Solutions simply selecting between two Anixter part numbers:

Anixer Part No. Number of Cameras Milestone VMS Rasillient HW Herta FR
10077751 Up to 4 Cameras XProtect Essential+ AS161MT-FR4-GE2-i7-10700-16GB-HDVM-RTX2070-256GBSSD-1*1 TB BioSurveillance & BioMarketing 


Up to 8 Cameras
XProtect Essential+ AS161MT-FR8-GE2-i9-10900K-16GB-HDVM-RTX2070-256GBSSD-1*1TB BioSurveillance & BioMarketing

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