Austin Hughes Launches New Intelligent Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)

Most data centres provide power source redundancy to ensure that critical devices have no power downtime issues. Some rackmount IT devices, however, are not designed with power redundancy. For single-corded devices, InfraPower Intelligent ATS is a perfect fit to provide power fall-back. It includes dual power inlets, for connection to both a primary power source and a redundant, secondary power source.

Auto Switching Relay for Seamless Power Transfer 

InfraPower Intelligent ATS offers a simple but reliable solution for automatically sensing power loss and seamlessly switching to a secondary power source. The power source transfer time is seamless to the connected equipment, making sure that the switching occurs safely between the two input power sources. After switching to a backup power source, it can also switch power back to the primary input after power has been restored.

Input Switching Locally or Remotely Over IP 

Local power input switching is essential, especially for conducting maintenance in the data centre. Alternatively, InfraPower intelligent ATS enables users to switch power input over IP, saving manpower and providing a prompt way to switch power input. 

Extensive Selection & Quick Delivery

The leading edge ATS solution provides the widest range of configurations with shortest lead-times in the market. It offers models with input range from 10A to 32A, outlet number from 1 to 24 and variety of outlet types (e.g. C13, C19, C13+C19, UK, Schuko, French, IEC309, etc). Custom configurations are available upon request.

Free Management Software (ATS-04)

ATS-04 is the free, powerful and user-friendly management software provided with Austin Hughes Intelligent ATS. The Administrator can remotely manage the ATS via the web browser. It provides power input switching, ATS monitoring, alarm and reporting functions. The Windows based software consolidates management of a maximum of 50 ATSs.
Up to 5 concurrent user access is bundled to achieve the demand of multi-user requirements in data centre operations.

InfraPower Intelligent ATS also supports SMNP integration and users can remotely manage the ATS via existing DCIM.

For further information download the data sheet or contact our local office