Axis continues its green design pledge by removing hazardous substances from new network cameras

Axis Communications has made another step towards a green camera portfolio by introducing the company’s first cameras that are free of hazardous brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, (BFR/CFR free).

The new cameras within AXIS P13 Network Camera Series are the result of Axis’ focus on sustainability and alignment with the UN Sustainability Development Goals. By developing cameras that don’t contain harmful halogens, Axis has made an important step in setting an industry standard when it comes to sustainability and green design.

“Our new sustainable network cameras are the result of over five years of development and patience. While we care deeply about sustainability, we also need to maintain high standards of quality in our cameras. As an example, these latest devices are free of brominated and chlorinated flame retardants but are still flame resistant.”, states Andres Vigren, Global Product Manager at Axis Communications.

As part of its green design initiative, Axis has identified four areas of eco-innovation:

  • Material selection
  • Optimized part design
  • Optimized design for manufacturing
  • Optimized disposal

By exchanging the hazardous halogens in the devices with more sustainable alternatives, the new cameras are not only better for environment and health, but are also part of the circular economy because they are more recyclable. “It is really important for us to not just wait for regulations that prohibit the use of hazardous materials or taxation that will make products prohibitively expensive, but to remain one step ahead. We’re proud to be a role model when it comes to green design, and responding not only to customer requests but the responsibility of all businesses to act in an environmentally responsible way.”, says Ausra Reinap, Senior Environmental Engineer at Axis.

“It would be great if we could inspire other manufacturers to invest in the development of halogen-free products.”, adds Andres Vigren, ”The next step is to make it a future industry standard and help increase customer requests for more sustainable products.”, Vigren concludes.

The BFR/CFR-free cameras

Robust, fast-performing fixed box cameras designed to deliver high-resolution video of objects and people in wide, open areas.

Axis Camera P1377 image
Axis Camera P1378 image

Purpose of BFR and CFR

Brominated and chlorinated flame retardants, or BFR and CFR for short, protect a product from being flammable over the period of its lifetime. As part of the family of halogenated flame retardants they tend to not break down. This becomes a problem once they enter the environment as they take a long time to decompose – if ever. Besides being bio-accumulative, BFR and CFR are also harmful as they are toxic for both humans and the environment.

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