Better with VIAVI!


Technology Leadership. Faster Technician Workflows. Best Value.

With no room for error in enterprise networks, test and measurement is more important than ever.
Why then, are legacy manufacturers making testing so difficult and expensive with unnecessary upgrades and cumbersome workflows? 
Protect yourself and your business with a better test and measurement portfolio from VIAVI Solutions. Having the right solutions can be the difference between an infrastructure that can handle the rigors of today's bandwidth-intensive applications and one that is consistently bogged down with service issues.

Discover why it is Better with VIAVI, and learn how you can:

  • Save up to 15% on test and measurement tools.
  • Stay ahead of tomorrow's technology and standards changes.
  • Cut your test time in half, as compared to the legacy manufacturer.
  • Achieve optimized performance in fiber inspection.
  • Enjoy warranty benefits 3x longer than the legacy manufacturer can offer.