Capture Events that Can’t Be Seen with Bosch MIC IP Fusion 9000i


Nature is unpredictable. In minutes conditions can change from ideal to adverse. But what can be predicted accurately during extreme conditions is the quality of data captured by the rugged MIC IP fusion 9000i moving camera from Bosch.

  • The MIC IP fusion 9000i offers a combination of thermal imaging and Intelligent Video Analytics which ensures early object detection over large distances (up to 472m, depending on camera model and lens).
  • The camera its metadata fusion feature increases significantly increases situational awareness.

Bosch MIC IP moving cameras are constructed from solid metal, capable of withstanding the toughest elements, 100% humidity (UL Type 6P and IP68), extreme vibrations (IEC60068) and high impacts (IK10).
Temperatures also affect cameras, but the MIC IP fusion 9000i functions perfectly at -40°C to +65°C. And for protection against corrosion, their superior metallurgy and finish pass the ASTM B117 salt spray test.

When objects become ‘invisible’ due to weather or a hazard, MIC IP fusion 9000i cameras remain effective thanks to metadata fusion. The MIC IP fusion 9000i has two built-in imagers; optical and thermal. Should the optical imager become obscured by smoke, data will still be captured by the thermal imager. The fused metadata provides detailed information on objects that are barely discernable.
They’re also ideal for mission-critical applications like monitoring traffic flow, whilst also collecting metadata such as vehicle class, speed, direction of travel and, for urban conurbations requiring maximum situational awareness, an accurate vehicle count.

Video analytics while the camera is moving - watch the video.