Catering for Future Demands on Data Centre Services


Data Center network infrastructure are going through major transformations to meet the demand of continuously growing data traffic and the need to securely store sensitive information. At the same time, they must support the Internet of Things, 5G networks, and billions of new devices, while continuing to supply the increasing speed and scale required for this interconnection. Utilizing the mesh module to achieve a full fabric mesh of the spine-and-leaf network supports the current 40G network while ensuring the seamless transition to future 100G network capabilities as user demand grows.

Corning EDGE™ 4x4 Mesh Modules are used to break out the 40G SR4 ports to create a 10G fabric, eliminating the need to break the MTP® into LC connectivity. The mesh modules contain four 8-fibre MTP's in the rear for mating to backbone trunks and break out to four 8-fibre MTP's in the front for connectivity to the electronics. These modules allow customers to take advantage of higher port densities per switch with lower power consumption and a lower cost per 10G port, as well as improves their ability to create port diversification when using QSFP+ transceivers for 1-G applications.