Communications Technology for Connected Communities


With the vision of connected communities becoming more clear, CommScope’s experience and focus on network connectivity enables the promise of smarter, safer and healthier places to live, work and play.

1. DAS/Small Cells

CommScope’s breakthrough distributed antenna system (DAS) technologies and pioneering Cloud RAN small cell architecture help densify networks and expand coverage, bringing reliable wireless connectivity to places the macro network can’t reach or to scenarios it can’t handle..

3. Central Offices

The increasing number of connectivity options in CommScope’s solutions enables service providers to scale central office capacity based on demand and increase the speed of deployment of new applications and services.

2. Large Venues

CommScope specializes in advanced wireless technology, robust connectivity infrastructure, and innovative transportation solutions that enable complex, large-scale networks in venues such as stadiums, campuses, airports, or amusement parks.

4. Residential/MDUs

CommScope’s innovative fiber-to-the-home solutions help operators deploy connectivity to homes, multidwelling units, and businesses quickly and reliably, with faster time to service activation and a high level of quality and performance.

5. Microwave Backhaul

CommScope’s microwave backhaul solutions portfolio includes Class 4 and Class 3 antennas designed to meet any network challenge and environmental condition.

7. Cloud Data Centers

CommScope provides the largest portfolio of reliable, scalable, and cost-effective data center solutions­­—including cloud-optimized connectivity and management tools—for cloud-based networks.

9. CATV Headends

CommScope, which has served MSOs for 40 years, offers many solutions to accelerate deployment speed, optimize expenditures, and maintain performance and quality in harsh outdoor environments.

6. Power Solutions

Power solutions, such as PowerShift, deliver the most efficient voltage to remote radio units in real time automatically—regardless of power supply, distance, conductor size, or RRU power requirements.

8. Cloud RAN Nodes

CommScope enables Cloud RAN with enclosures for C-RAN hubs, fiber connectivity solutions for fronthaul/crosshaul, integrated antennas, and C-RAN in-building wireless systems.

10. Metro Cell Solutions

CommScope offers a broad portfolio of solutions to deploy outdoor metro cells, including mini-base station antennas, combining and filter solutions, RF transmission systems, and concealment solutions that conform to local municipal codes.

11. Hyperscale Data Centers

For the world’s largest and most complex high-growth data centers, CommScope offers a complete portfolio of connectivity solutions and breakthrough innovations, such as high performance fiber networks, scalable infrastructure solutions, and versatile wireless coverage and capacity technologies.

12. College Campuses

From world-class fiber infrastructure to intelligent distributed antenna systems (DAS), we offer end-to-end capacity and connectivity solutions that tackle the toughest communications obstacles in college campus environments.

13. Smart Buildings

CommScope helps create better connected, smarter, and more efficient buildings via intelligent infrastructure solutions such as innovative in-building wired and wireless, flexible structured cabling built on best-in-class fiber and copper technology, and automated infrastructure management.

15. Macro Cell Towers

CommScope’s broad portfolio of solutions, including base station antennas, interconnectivity, and RF conditioning, helps wireless network macro cellular sites increase coverage and capacity and makes base stations more efficient and effective.

17. Enterprise Data Centers

CommScope’s flexible portfolio of robust, cost-effective fiber and copper solutions fits seamlessly with existing data center infrastructure and can easily be migrated to higher speeds in the future, along with intelligent solutions to manage and optimize the data center network and its connectivity.

14. Outside Plant

With 40 years of proven experience in the outside plant, CommScope delivers a wide range of solutions for all feeder, distribution, and access needs for wireline networks, including a robust portfolio of fiber cable and connectivity solutions.

16. Fiber Backhaul

CommScope offers innovative fiber connectivity solutions for wireless backhaul in central office and outside plant environments, enabling operators to build their network infrastructure with greater flexibility and speed at lower cost.