Connect and Extend with Veracity

Veracity has created the Ethernet over Coax (EoC) market with the launch of HIGHWIRE™ in 2006. The need for POE (Power over Ethernet) solutions has seen the HIGHWIRE product range grow to include POE over Coax. This includes HIGHWIRE Powerstar and HIGHWIRE Longstar, with multi-channel options at both the camera/device end of the cable and the base. Veracity now offers the widest range of IP transmission products designed for IP video.
Extending Ethernet beyond 100m with, or without, POE is simple to achieve using the Veracity range of OUTREACH™ network extenders. These can be used either internally with a simple pass-through connection which immediately doubles the cable distance, or externally using the same product but protected within an IP67-rated enclosure.

When greater distances exist between the IP device and the switch, Veracity provides a long-range wired Ethernet transceiver, LONGSPAN™. A point-to-point adapter with diagnostic displays, LONGSPAN provides unrestricted 100BASE-T with POE Plus (802.3at) to 600 metres over Cat6. With multi-channel options at the edge using LONGSPAN Duo and Quad devices, LONGSPAN provides installers with flexibility when designing a surveillance network over extreme distance.

Veracity’s transmission products feature a 5-year warranty and are reliable, cost-effective and highly efficient for use in the security, AV and IT network market. The full product range also includes a highly compact Master NTP time server which uses GPS to synchronise networks and do not rely on the internet; IP camera installation tools in both wireless and non-wireless options; and POE network switches with up to 80 watts power budget.  Veracity’s IP products are sold throughout the world via integrators, distributors and partners and have a strong reputation for innovative design, high quality, reliability, and a very long lifecycle.