Simple Gets Slimmer

LC UPC connectors add to NPC+ range.



NPC+ has always meant low investment in tools and training, simplicity-in-use, and reusability.


The NPC+ (No Polish Connector) eliminates field polishing, loose parts, and termination tools. The innovative buffer clamp design eliminates rework by delivering superior twist and transmission with applied load (TWAL) mechanical performance. After fibre preparation and cleaving, installation is a simple three-step process: insert fibre, actuate splice, activate the buffer clamp. Faster than fusion splicing, the NPC+ delivers savings in installation expense and reduces overall complexity of termination.


Now Corning have added LC UPC connectors for single- and multi-mode fibre.

NPC+ Features Insights


After cleaving fiber, installation takes < 10 seconds

No Bespoke Tooling

Reduces the expense of outfitting crews, training & maintenance with installation tools.

Cleaver Flexibility

Designed for an 8-10mm flat field cleave, compatible with a wide range of cleavers in the market

Integrated Buffer Clamp

NPC+ buffer clamp integrated in connector body. One piece product removes risk of losing components during installation

Part number simplicity

3 part numbers = 6 product variations


Buffer clamp and mechanical splice element can be reversed to allow 2nd attempt at installation


Recyclable packaging.





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