Data Center Cable Infrastructure: New Methods
for Testing and Installing AOC & DAC


The data center is where a massive amount of information is being exchanged and where a key requirement is the capacity to scale. Beyond the need for power, cooling, storage and switching inside the data center is the necessity for practical and efficient cabling. Data centers can roughly be divided between hyperscale, multi-tenant, and private. The use of cables as described in this paper, namely Active Optical Cables (AOC) and Direct Attach Copper (DAC), applies to all three categories, although this topic is especially applicable to hyperscale data centers.

This application note covers practical operational considerations such as the validation of AOC and DAC to save time and reduce costs in data centers.
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To test AOC and DAC cables, VIAVI has introduced an integrated script to automate cable assembly testing. VIAVI’s T-BERD/MTS 5800-100G (Anixter Code 898279) provides all-in-one testing at line rates up to 112Gbps. Technicians can test numerous applications including AOC/DAC cable in addition to metro, backbone, and data center interconnectivity.