Data Center Protection: Five Fundamental Steps

Data Center Protection: Five Fundamental Steps

Companies all over the globe rely more and more on data to improve their performance and revenue. This has made data centers crucial infrastructures, but also mouth-watering targets for cybercriminals.

The increasing value of information has made data centers a prime target for nefarious intentions, from criminals stealing data for profit, to individuals wishing to disrupt business operations.

So how can you best protect a data center? There are five aspects which you cannot, for any reason, disregard:

  1. A top-notch access control system - Perimeter and internal protection.
  2. Put protocols in place - Process analysis and protocols compliance.
  3. Store your security footage smartly - Efficient data management from the video surveillance system.
  4. Keep your network healthy and updated - Health monitoring and cybersecurity.
  5. Unified management.

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