Do You Know What ANPR Stays For? 

In Europe it is Automatic Number Plate Recognition and this is becoming a key aspect in SMART CITIES.
The release of camera firmware 6.50 means that certain BOSCH surveillance cameras have a scene mode which is optimized for capturing license plate images. This scene mode limits the maximum gain and optimizes the noise filtering settings to provide ANPR software packages with the best possible images for decoding the license plate codes.

Download ANPR Application Note

Download this Application Note which describes the preparation steps necessary to optimize the ANPR results with Bosch cameras.
A complete ANPR system performs the following steps:

  1. Capturing video images on the camera image sensor.
  2. Preprocessing of the image for optimal license plate detection.
  3. License plate detection and cropping.
  4. Processing the cropped license plate image for optimal character finding and recognition.
  5. Capturing the characters and recognizing the complete license plate code, optionally with country or state code an any additional information fields.
  6. Storing and processing the license plate code according to application-specific needs.
  7. Controlling access barriers.

And only step 1 is performed by the camera. The other steps are performed by the ANPR software system.