Do You Really Know What to Do If Something Goes Wrong in Your Fiber Network?


It's time that network managers start developing good habits of routine maintenance when it comes to their fiber network. After all, you don't want to be sorry later.
If you're the norm, your company has invested lots of money to design, build, test and certify your network, and you should be proud that you can run 100G on those new servers with optical QSFP switch ports and redundant backbones. But, we hate to break it to you — the methods you relied on for the old 1G network are no longer sufficient.
As you push more over your fiber, it is essential that your practices for handling and testing allow you to get the best performance you can from your network. The time is now to demand that higher level of performance.
Download and read VIAVI new white paper "New Car Smell and the Art of Fiber Network Maintenance".
It’s more of an art than a science when it comes to maintaining fiber networks, and while science can be learned, art must be practiced. In the white paper, VIAVI provide essential know-how for what to do when something goes awry in your fiber network.