Five Things to Consider About MPO Technology

Do not let “new” infrastructure technologies like MPO impact negatively on your data center network performance.

Whilst applications and software have become a critical aspect of data center network operation, there’s something that settles the pillars for these applications and data running error-free: the physical infrastructure.
More specifically, fiber connectivity in the data center has been growing in efficiency over the time, but also in complexity, with some of the emerging technologies like Multi-fiber Push-On (MPO). MPO is a key element in today’s data center network infrastructure to increase connectivity and pave the high speed “data roads”. Both current data center migrations and new builds are deploying MPO technologies with diverse density factors (8, 12, 24, 32 or 48 fibers) to allow technologies like 40/100G, with 400G deployments on the horizon. But guess what? Applications will not work as expected under a low performing fiber optic network. 

Data Center professionals like IT Managers, installation or maintenance teams are now challenged to understand the key concepts and practices of this revamped technology. MPO connectivity should not catch anybody by surprise, so here are five key things to consider when working with MPO infrastructure.

The thick of it

Five Things to Consider About MPO Technology
  • Know what MPO connectors are and how they are used in fiber networks.
  • Know how to properly inspect and clean MPO connectors.
  • Know the polarity of your MPO connections.
  • Know MPO connectors are properly aligned.
  • Know what test solutions are available for MPO connections.
    (See VIAVI Proposal)