Fluke Networks M12X Adapter Set for Versiv

M12D-code 2 pair connectors are very popular given their performance in hostile industrial environments. Industry is increasing the use of high-speed applications which require 4 pair M12X-code connectors using Cat6A or Class EA cable. Fluke Networks now supports M12X cables with the new DSX-CHA-M12-X-S. This model is a set of two M12X adapters for Versiv. Like the M12D, the new M12X supports channel and end-to-end tests. Versiv firmware 6.1 or higher is required for the M12X. Version 6.1 also corrects the wiremap display for PROFINET.

Over 50% of Industrial Ethernet problems can be traced to cabling. Industrial Ethernet networks tend to make direct connections between industrial devices (like Variable Frequency Drives and Programmable Controllers) and managed and unmanaged industrial switches.
Unlike business systems, this industrial topology rarely uses IDFs or Permanent Links. This kit was created to include only the items needed for industrial networks and does NOT include permanent link adapters.

On top of the normal benefits of the Versiv range, the Industrial Ethernet DSX Kit offers these key additional benefits to industrial users:

  • Reduce failures by validating cables from End to End in seconds
  • Susceptibility to vibration, moisture, temperature and noise
  • Poor connections that can become intermittent over time
  • Ability to operate at rated cable speed
  • Avoid wasting time installing bypass cables – Identify the exact problem, saving repair time, or eliminating cabling the problem altogether
  • Validate at the Machine Builder and again when commissioning the machine at the Plant, and after making changes.
  • Supports RJ45 and M12D and M12X connectors
  • Supports EtherNet/IP™, PROFINET™, ModBus TCP™ and other protocols

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Fluke Newtworks M12X Adapter Set for Versiv