Get the Most from Your Host: CommScope Best Practices for Multi Tenant Data Center Migration

The purpose of this eBook is to help you gain an understanding of the physical infrastructure, design requirements and strategic considerations that must precede a successful multitenant data center deployment. As a dedicated partner and trusted expert for networks all over the world, CommScope knows how to deploy multitenant data center infrastructure right.

For this reason, CommScope has teamed with datacenter industry expert Donough Roche from Datacentrs, Inc. and other industry leaders to offer this eBook. This eBook addresses best practices in the eight stages of planning, designing migration and Day Two operations of an enterprise’s data center assets in an MTDC environment

Start exploring the first 4 chapters to learn more about best practices for each stage of developing a multitenant data center:

  • Understand and communicate IT requirements
    Your first stakeholder discussion is the most critical. The first thing deployed in a Data Center isn’t a server rack – it’s a discussion about the enterprise’s IT requirements which may include any number of key stakeholders.
  • Knowing what to ask
    The questions every enterprise needs to ask in the planning phase.
  • Planning for a smooth transition
    To know where you’re going before you start the journey. Migration planning is key.
  • Defining the scope and issuing a request for proposal
    The next step is developing a request for proposal (RFP) to be submitted to the potential multitenant data centers with many essential factors
    to be taken into account.