Hanwha Techwin Wisenet X Series

Hanwha Techwin Wisenet X Series

Wisenet X series are powered by Wisenet 5 a high-performing chipset built with Hanwha Techwin's core technologies in image processing and network transmission. Wisenet X series comes thus with a variety of exclusive new Video and Audio Analytics, providing enhanced monitoring solutions and market intelligence.


  • More Convenient Installations with USB - Wisenet X series can connect cameras and mobile devices through USB and Wi-Fi: view angles can be checked immediately after installation using a smartphone. No additional devices are required. You can save time and money.
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  • Dual SD Slots - Dual SD slots allow up to 512 GB to be saved automatically to the camera, keeping data safe in the event of an unstable network. Obviously this allows to record more video footage than single SD slot.
  • Minimize lens distortion - Lens Distortion may typically appear in videos causing straight lines close to the edge curve outwards. With the Lens Distortion Correction technology available on the Wisenet X series, imperfections in images can be easily repaired.
  • Fog detection - Wisenet X series delivers outstanding image quality in foggy weather condition with Fog Detection. Any change in an image is automatically deleted with the defog function to provide a clear image.
  • Handover to PTZ - The handover feature allows a PTZ camera to receive an alarm(motion detection) from Wisenet X series camera on the same IP video surveillance system. Once the notification is received, the PTZ camera will zoom into the assigned camera pre-set location.

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