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Convenience and operational efficiency without compromising on security

HID Mobile Access opens a new world of discovery. Using a mobile device — such as your smartphone, tablet or wearable — you can easily open more doors, gates, networks and services.

As the world embraces the ever-growing trend of mobile devices in every aspect of our lives, we understand the need for a modern and mobile-enabled solution for your access control. HID Mobile Access® is designed to align seamlessly with the needs and preferences of today's increasingly mobile workforce.

Open More convenience and control with mobile credentials, as we redefine access control with this cutting-edge technology and mobile-first approach, that sets HID Mobile Access apart in transforming the way you manage access to your doors, systems and more.



Key benefits of HID Mobile Access includes:

More Convenience

Unleash the convenience of your mobile device to open more doors, gates, networks and services with just a tap! HID Mobile Access also removes the need for multiple cards as one smartphone can contain multiple credentials.

More Choice

HID Mobile Access supports the widest range of smartphones on the market with over 400, and this number is constantly expanding as new devices are released.  An extensive SDK and API is also available to integrate HID Mobile Access into workplace or occupant experience applications.

More Control

Offering best-in-class security, coupled with stringent privacy protection, HID Mobile Access is internationally accredited with ISO/IEC 27001 and credentials are managed within a robust online portal to issue, change or revoke access instantly, over-the-air.


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