Inspect Before You Connect

While standards bodies have established acceptance criteria for the quality and cleanliness of fiber connector end faces, technicians still face challenges with implementing these practices. Without the right fiber testing tools, maintaining these standards or specifications is difficult and time consuming.

Did You Know?

  • A single particle mated into the core of a fiber can cause significant back reflection, insertion loss and even equipment damage.
  • Typical debris on a fiber connector end face can be 2 - 15µm and is only visible with a fiber optic probe microscope.
  • Inspecting BOTH sides of the fiber connection is the ONLY WAY to ensure that it will be free of contamination and defects.
  • Inspecting and cleaning connectors, test ports and reference cords before testing network connectors prevents cross-contamination.

Inspect Before You Connect - Introduction

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Learn more about VIAVI “INSPECT BEFORE YOU CONNECT” process to ensure fiber end faces are clean prior to mating connectors

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