Introducing Modular Wireless Mounting Platforms - M-Frame™


No matter the environment, there is an Oberon M-Frame to fit your application. The M-Frame is a modular wireless mounting platform. It can be utilized for omni-directional and directional applications both indoors and outdoors in a variety of facilities such as manufacturing, distribution, institutional, office, and open retail. The impetus behind these simple mounting solutions for complex wireless applications came from the field, from installers and technicians who were constantly devising, testing, and building their own time-consuming solutions for mounting wireless components in a variety of complicated environments.
The M-Frame offers a modular approach, making it easy to obtain simple, professional results in every setting.

Types of M-Frames - What antenna arrangement will be used?

M-Frame solutions are designed to mount APs with a variety of antenna arrangements, including:

Internal or direct connected omnidirectional dual-band antennas, such as Cisco AIR-ANT2524DW-R antennas.

Bracket for mounting external omnidirectional dual-band “Coffee Can” style antennas, such as Cisco AIR-ANT2544V4M-R antenna.
For APs with external antenna connectors.

Bracket for mounting up to 4 external omnidirectional single-band dipole “pipe” antennas, such as Cisco AIR-ANT1728 and 5160 antennas.
Provides proper diversity spacing. For APs with external antenna connectors. 

Articulating mount for single external directional dual-band patch antenna, such as Cisco AIR-ANT2566P4W-R. Point directional antenna
to create zones of coverage. For APs with external antenna connectors.

Bracket to mount M-Frame in horizontal orientation. Supports optimal antenna coverage when antennas are internal or connected directly to AP.

M-Frame Modules - Where will the AP be installed?

Each M-frame offers a variety of mounting options. The different mounting options allow for the installation of the wireless equipment in almost any location in any environment. Each frame comes with the chosen mounting option already attached and ready for installation.

  • Adjustable Column Straps (-ACS)
  • Black, UV resistant nylon straps for attaching M-Frame to steel or concrete columns up to 14” in diameter
  • Concrete Wall Anchors (-CWA)
  • Two wall anchors to mount M-Frame to concrete or wooden walls
  • 10 meter hanger cable to suspend M-Frame at designated height from ceiling structure, tool less installation

  • Quad Cable Hanger (-QCH)
  • Threaded Rod Kit (-TRD)
  • For fixed suspension of the M-Frame at designated height using threaded rod
  • Universal Beam Clamps (-UBC)
  • Clamps for mounting M-Frame to structural steel beams, columns, joist and purlins

M-Frame Features - What do you need to simplify your job?

Every M-Frame offers the following practical, functional features, all based on requests and recommendations from the field.

  • Modular Design to accommodate multiple attachments for a variety of antenna applications
  • Pre-drilled hole patterns for the latest access points, antennas, and Ethernet accessories
  • Non-corrosive fasteners to withstand both indoor and outdoor environmental conditions
  • Identification label space designated for easy location identification at any height
  • Tie wrap slots around the edges of each frame for secure cable management
  • Accessory Pack included with every M-Frame