Introducing the Proxim Multipoint 10200 CPE/CPA

Rugged outdoor Point-to-Multipoint CPE for High Performance Multipoint Networks and Mobility applications.

The Proxim Multipoint 10200 delivers reliable and secure data connectivity at the edge of Proxim’s advanced multipoint network systems.

With no limits on bandwidth and supporting encryption at AES-256, this CPE series opens up a range of applications where high throughput, high security, and even high-speed mobility can be combined to meet the needs of many organizations.

Available with integrated antenna for use where a small footprint is needed, or with N-type connectors for use with an external antenna. These IP-67 rated systems use rugged metal enclosures and will deliver years of trouble-free service in even the harshest conditions.

Key Features

  • Native 20 and 40 Mhz Channels with no limits on bandwidth.
  • Upgradeable to 80 Mhz Channel for higher throughput.
  • Advanced encryption AES-128, upgradable to AES-256.
  • Carrier Grade QoS delivers granular control of customer service features.
  • Garmin GPS ready to ensure precise position information.
  • Flexible channel planning with support for 4.900 to 5.925 GHz.
  • License-free frequency bands.
  • Compatibility with past, current and future Proxim base station models.

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