The solution with intelligent and efficient network power protection and the best aesthetic design

This is a single-phase, line interactive UPS with pure sinewave output. It delivers a rated power from 750 to 3000VA. It is managed by a microprocessor, is equipped with self-diagnostics, and works on cold start. The presence of an electronic stabilizer (AVR) inside the UPS provides the connected loads with effective protection against any interference in the electrical mains.

The Keor SPE Tower is equipped with a smart communication port and can be connected to a PC through the USB and Serial RS232 port. The free software allows the user to monitor its operation and carry out an emergency shutdown of Windows or Linux operating systems.




Features & Benefits

  • User-friendly, graphical LCD
  • Intuitive, LED status bar for quick readings
  • Hot-swappable battery pack saves time
  • Smart connection for UPS monitoring and control
  • Simultaneous communication for monitoring with: (USB-RS232)/SNMP
  • Emergency power off, and remote on/off
  • Embedded dry-contacts

Key Applications & Verticals

Small and medium sized businesses and IT applications

  • Back-up for: computers, network switches, telcom and workstations
  • Used in: rack rooms, office server rooms and onsite racks
  • Found at: offices, stores, restaurants, bank ATMs / cash machines and kiosks



Eligible Items

Legrand Keor SPE Tower UPS

Legrand Keor SPE 750VA - UPS (tower)

Legrand Keor SPE 1kVA - UPS (tower)

Legrand KEOR SPE 1.5KVA - UPS (tower)

Legrand KEOR SPE 2KVA- UPS (tower)

Legrand KEOR SPE 3KVA- UPS (tower)



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