Accurate and Precise Time Is a Foundational Element in Zero Trust Networks

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Accurate timekeeping is essential for maintaining comprehensive log files that record the details of all actions within a Zero Trust network, including the individuals involved, the nature of the activity, the timing, and the locations.

For Zero Trust networks to function effectively, it is crucial to have time that is not only precise but also dependable and secure. In the absence of this, authentication processes are prone to failure, the synchronization of log file timestamps becomes problematic, the reliability of Zero Trust analytics is compromised, investigative efforts are obstructed, and additional network complications may arise.


It is not sufficient for the time itself to be accurate; the time server responsible for synchronizing other devices such as servers, routers, and switches must adhere to Zero Trust principles and be appropriately integrated within a Zero Trust framework.

Microchip’s Enterprise Network SyncServer® time servers stand out as the most secure devices for Trusted Time within network environments, making them exceptionally well-suited for Zero Trust initiatives. These servers not only secure the integrity of time and its sources but also align with the core tenets of Zero Trust, encompassing user authentication, device validation, network protocols, and analytical processes.

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SyncServer® S600 time server is the leading network time server capable of supporting the pillars of Zero Trust networking and enabling accurate log file timestamps through very secure, accurate and reliable network-wide time synchronization.


Key Features

  • Ultra-high-bandwidth NTP time server
  • Stratum 1 operation
  • Four standard GbE ports, all with patented NTP hardware timestamping
  • Built-in DoS detection and protection
  • Security-hardened NTP Reflector with firewall protection
  • Web-based management with high-security cipher suite 
SyncServer® S600 time server