Mighty Mo® 20 Rack Systems from Ortronics

Mighty Mo® 20 is a complete cable management solution that is designed to complement to the entire Legrand product offering. The Mighty Mo 20 creates a physical infrastructure that maximizes performance, while allowing for infinite cable routing schemes. No two networks are the same, and Mighty Mo 20, with its long list of accessories, can enable countless configurations for equipment and cable pathways.

Mighty Mo 20 has been designed with four major physical infrastructure guidelines: speed, efficiency, performance and flexibility. 

  1. Speed of assembly – channel racks allow for single person build.
  2. Efficiency of cable management – ensuring proper cable support and bend radius.
  3. Performance of the network – stabilizing cable destinations.
  4. Flexibility – Build unlimited cable pathways throughout the system.

Some of the accessories and features that enable the four guidelines include:

  • Speed nuts – eliminate the need for loose hardware.
  • Grounding and bonding – built-in feature creates bond during assembly.
  • Vertical Manager hanging clip – eliminates the need to hold manager when mounting.


Efficiency of Cable Management

  • Zero RU horizontal manager - creates immediate tie off of cables at the switch card.
  • 180° Bend limiting clip - ensures bend radius of fibre into vertical manager.
  • Hexguard™ cable passage - allows cable to pass through hex pattern sidewall safely.
  • Universal cable trough - creates a fibre raceway within the rack.

Performance of the Network

  • Large capacity vertical managers - increase cable routing and airflow.
  • Integral and seamless integration of all products - all Legrand products can be easily mounted.
  • Airflow baffles for side breathing equipment - redirect air to maintain cold aisle-hot aisle separation.


  • Patented hex pattern sidewalls - allow infinite cable lacing locations.
  • Depth of channels ranging up to 30” deep - enables servers and switch mounting in channel rack.
  • Heights available up to 9’ - more rack space in the same floor space.