New NSE Version 8.14 Delivers Enhanced Bandwidth Functionality for Visitor-Based Networks

Version 8.14 of the Nomadix Service Engine provides increased flexibility and expansion of bandwidth management, performance gains and simplified operations for the EG 6000.


NSE Version 8.14 is available now for the AG 2400, AG 2500, AG 5900 and EG 6000 Gateways. Key features in this release include:

Distribution of Unused Bandwidth Per Class

Distribution of Unused Bandwidth per Class allows unused bandwidth to be allocated on a per‑class basis. When Unused Bandwidth is enabled for a specific class all unused bandwidth will be proportionally distributed to all devices in a class. If Distribution of Unused Bandwidth per Class is not enabled, all devices will be held to the individual or group bandwidth caps.

Persistent Connections

Persistent Connections for Portal XML Posting allows a single TCP connection to send and receive multiple HTTP(S) requests/responses per connection versus opening a new connection for every single request/response pair. This can result in improved performance.

EG 6000 Password Recovery

NSE Version 8.14 provides a simplified method to recover a forgotten Manager Login Name and Password without requiring a console port. Complete instructions can be found in the EG 6000 Cabling and I/O Interface Guide.