Oberon Model 1019-RM Recessed Wireless Enclosure
and Horizontal Connection Point for Digital Buildings

Oberon Model 1019-RM Recessed Wireless Enclosure and Horizontal Connection Point for Digital Buildings

Cisco describes the Digital Building as consolidation of traditionally siloed building systems into a converged base building network, embracing Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to create a network that can power and share data between various building technology systems. Utilizing a single infrastructure allows designers to move beyond systems as individual elements, and start looking at them in the context of a unified building. By providing control, data, and device power over a single infrastructure, the designer is increasing the value of these systems while reducing the cost to install and operate them.

Cisco’s new Digital Building Design Guide describes a process of gathering requirements from stakeholders and developing Owner’s Performance Requirements (OPRs) as described in the guide.

Oberon’s Model 1019-RM Envelop™ recessed enclosure (Anixter Code 941097) is an ideal solution for an economical in-wall or hard ceiling Horizontal Connection Point. The 1019-RM is small enough to recess between wall studs yet large enough for termination of 16 to 24 RJ-45 jack modules. The 1019-RM features slots for eight TIA 569-B compliant furniture faceplate receptacles for RJ-45 modular jacks. Using standard compliant furniture faceplates from all leading vendors (Belden, ICC, Leviton, Panduit, etc.).
Use the 1019-RM to conceal large or small APs, small switches, ONTs, and associated cabling in residence halls, hotels, multiple dwelling units, retail locations, and other indoor venues. The AP and cabling is recessed into the wall and concealed with the low profile, paintable, snap-on cover.
The 1019-RM features detachable cable management pegs and stanchions for managing cable in an orderly fashion. The 1019-RM box is largely open for easy cable ingress and egress from any direction.

Features & Benefits

  • Create a Horizontal Connection Point (HCP) in any convenient location in hotels, professional spaces, residence halls, commercial spaces, MDUs, etc.
  • Recess and conceal Wi-Fi and Small cell APs and wireless routers into hard lid ceiling or wall environment, including the larger 802.11ax Wi-Fi Aps.
  • Recess and conceal small workgroup switches, ONTs, and other networking gear.

  • Paintable snap-on cover is almost flush to wall.
  • Easily fastens to drywall using swivel fasteners.
  • Secures, conceals, and organizes cabling and patch cords.
  • All plastic enclosure is virtually transparent to wireless signal.