Provide Security for Vital Wi-Fi Access Points Without Compromising Connectivity

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Provide Security for Vital Wi-Fi Access Points Without Compromising Connectivity


Oberon’s most popular wireless access point (AP) enclosure 1047 offers the security and professional aesthetics required in a suspended ceiling environment. This economical, locking, 593 mm x 593 mm (2 ft. x 2 ft.) ceiling enclosure mounts and secures Wi-Fi and small cell APs flush to the ceiling, ideal for commercial building new installations or upgrades.


Additionally, the aluminum enclosure replaces a standard ceiling tile, and its larger back-box is suitable for larger APs and antennas. The enclosure is only 77.5 mm deep, facilitating installation in crowded plenum spaces. APs are mounted in the door or inside models with ABS or frosted polycarbonate plastic domes. The interchangeable door simplifies AP and antenna moves, adds and changes. The 1047 dash number (see images) indicates the AP for which the door is designed. Interchangeable doors are available for all leading vendors’ APs. Styles are available for both standard flush grid and recessed grid ceilings, and for both North American and European (metric) ceiling systems.


Features & Benefits

  • Mount AP flush to the ceiling, revealing only the antenna face of the AP for optimal wireless coverage
  • Attractive, textured, powder-coat finish matches many ceilings
  • Larger back-box designed for securing most vendors’ enterprise Wi-Fi and Small Cell APs
  • Interchangeable doors permit simple migration to new APs and antennas
  • Enclosure back-box is an effective dust barrier to simplify infection control in healthcare environments.
Wi-Tile Ceiling Enclosures


Technical Specifications

  • Design: Economical ceiling tile enclosure designed for APs with integrated antennas. Fits into standard U.S. or European ceiling grid.
  • Performance: Designed for in-ceiling installation of low voltage equipment. 
  • Solid back-box fills opening behind AP, creating an effective fire, smoke and dust barrier to simplify infection control in healthcare environments.
  • De-rate AP operating temperature range by 6°C when mounted in enclosure
  • Locking, quick release interchangeable door for migration to other APs. Large door permits migration to large APs and domes
  • Firestop grommet for insertion into back-box, large enough for 2 Cat6A cables
  • 34mm dia. knockouts in four walls
  • Construction: Aluminum back box, 20 ga. white, powder-coated steel flange, 18 ga. steel door.
  • Plastic domes are virtually transparent to wireless signals
  • Enclosure must be supported by the building structure, independent of the suspended ceiling. Includes hanger wire.
  • Maximum weight inside enclosure is 11.4 kg.
  • Size: 593 x 593 x 77.5 mm. Back box is 470 x 470 x 76 mm