Panduit introduce the new HD Fusion Wall Mount Splice Enclosure

Even better, when a solution for fiber cabling offers the double amount of splices.

New HD Fusion Wall Mount from Panduit banner

The HD Fusion Fiber Wall Mount Splice Enclosure addresses the market need of handling, managing and splicing high fiber count cables. The new enclosure accommodates large count fiber optic cables coming in from outside of the building transitioning to smaller count cables within the data center, colocation or hyperscale.

The HD Fusion Fiber Wall Mount Splice Enclosure houses, organizes, manages and protects cable to cable fusion splice connections. This enclosure features splice trays that can accommodate individual or ribbon fiber and comes in two different sizes to splice up to 3,456 fibers or 6,912 fibers.

Additional features of the product include:

  • Splice trays have the ability to rotate to be easily viewed, even when fully populated.
  • Optional storage box can be mounted to the top of bottom of enclosure to store unused fiber for future use.
  • Multiple enclosures can be joined together horizontally or vertically as needed.
  • Work surface easily stores on the enclosure door when not in use.

Application Advantages

  • Significantly reduced deployment time on the field without making a compromise on the versatility.
  • High modularity for more flexibility.


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