Panduit™ Keystone Shielded Solution

A seamless, simplified solution that covers all your connectivity bases.

Panduit™ Keystone Shielded Solution

Panduit Keystone Shielded solution not only delivers a full offering to fulfill your connectivity needs, but it also protects your sensitive information from data interception and improves performance to support higher bandwidth applications.

What makes up the Keystone Shielded solution?

  • Shielded Copper Cable (Category 7A for Germany, Category 6A for EMEA) 
  • Shielded Keystone Jack
  • Keystone All Metal Shielded Modular Patch Panel
  • Shielded Patch Cord
  • Keystone Faceplate (80mm x 80mm for Germany and 86mm x 86mm for EMEA)

The shielding significantly reduces near-end and far-end alien crosstalk between adjacent cables, suppresses EMI and RFI, and protects against physical and environmental damage. The Shielded Jack is compliant with ISO/IEC TR 11801-9901 standards. The Shielded Copper Cable is available in both Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) or general purpose PVC (CM) cable jackets. 


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