The RapidID™ Network Mapping System is Cable Documentation. Automated.


The RapidID™ Network Mapping System is Cable Documentation. Automated.




Reduce the time and cost of patch cord documentation by up to 50%.

The RapidID™ Network Mapping System automates the labor-intensive and error-prone cable documentation process, resulting in a faster, easier way to place and trace cables and patch cords. It’s a practical alternative to traditional manual approaches that is ideally suited for building a new telecom room, locating installed cabling, or replacing a network switch.


With RapidID, the painstaking labelling process is already done. Now network engineers can more quickly and accurately place and trace cables. The result? Up to 50% reduction in the time and cost of cable documentation, and more time to focus on more strategic initiatives.


Minimize the risk of a network outage.


Network documentation can drastically reduce downtime during an outage, but documenting physical infrastructure is extremely time-consuming and is often overlooked or out-of-date. By eliminating the need for manual data entry, RapidID makes the documentation process less painful and less error-prone.


How RapidID works:

  1. Install Panduit cables that feature unique barcode labels
  2. Download the mobile app from iOS or Android app stores to a tablet device.
  3. Scan barcodes using the Bluetooth-enabled handheld scanner.



Power Distribution Units (PDUs) from Austin Hughes – the MK series





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