PoE Lighting Drives New Opportunities

PoE Lighting Drives New Opportunities image

PoE lighting is poised to become the next big thing in buildings. Today, connected lighting has gotten some legs under it. Companies are no longer talking about intelligent lighting, they have moved to installing the solution.

The benefits of PoE lighting go beyond illumination. Through sensors and control systems, your lights can work for you and your facility. They'll tell occupants when conference rooms are open, they can improve occupant comfort and safety. Your lighting system can even be programmed to recognize badges and adjust lights to the occupant.

Of course, a world-class physical infrastructure makes a nice home for all of the components that make up the lighting system. You can learn more about the physical requirements for the lighting system infrastructure in Panduit PoE Lighting Technical Brief.

And if you're ready to move to a PoE lighting installation, let us know how we can help.