Powering Access Control Systems Using Microchip mPoE Solutions

Mirochip mPoE

Traditionally, access control systems have been used to monitor and manage access to premises. They are meant to provide quick and convenient access to authorized persons, while denying access to anyone who is not authorized. In the Covid-19 pandemic, access control systems are gaining momentum due to the enhanced safety and comfort they provide:

  • Ensure only a specific number of persons can occupy a premise such as an office building or retail space at a particular time
  • Grant contactless entry/exit and eliminating physical touch points and interaction
  • Restrict access to infected persons, or those who have not completed their quarantine period
  • Trigger ‘no mask’ alarms using camera-based systems

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that enables delivery of safe and intelligent power along with data over standard Ethernet infrastructure to facilitate quick and easy installation of IP-based devices. Today, many access control systems provide the option to be powered by PoE. Powering access control systems using PoE offers many advantages:

  • PoE technology is an international power standard that delivers safe, low-voltage DC power and eliminates dependency on the AC infrastructure as well as specific regional power plugs
  • Offers cost savings as there’s no need for separate data and power infrastructures, no need to search for AC outlets and no need for certified technicians
  • Connection can be done quickly and seamlessly in any location
  • With PoE, there’s no need to physically plug/unplug the power, the control is centralized and the power can be reset remotely
  • Power delivered over the standard Ethernet network is safe as such, it will not power up until a valid PD is detected thereby, not damaging non-PoE devices

Microchip multi-Power over Ethernet (mPoE) is the key to efficiently, cost-effectively and reliably power network access control systems:

  • Quick and seamless installation—off the shelf, ready to install (plug and play) solutions for zero time to market in the most demanding environments
  • High power—deliver up to 90W of power, enabling most comprehensive access control devices to be powered by PoE
  • Diverse applications—support a wide variety of applications using single-ports to 24-ports, indoor, outdoor and industrial rated solutions
  • Backward compatibility—leveraging a uniquely designed algorithm, the solutions are compatible with pre-standard devices while supporting all IEEE® PoE standards
  • Regulatory compliance—Microchip mPoE midspans and switches go through the necessary worldwide certifications and safety approvals
  • Vendor agnostic—support a variety of access control terminals available in the market

Microchip mPoE offers a comprehensive end-to-end portfolio of PoE solutions comprised of PoE ICs and PoE systems (midspans/injectors and switches). To know more about why Microchip is ideal for Powering access control with PoE, please click here and browse Microchip products.