PRAESIDEO by Bosch – Digital Public Address and Voice Alarm System

Keeping your public informed and protected.


With more than 20.000 installed systems worldwide, PRAESIDEO by Bosch is the number one solution for demanding public address and emergency sound applications. It is the ideal choice for public announcements, scheduled events, background music, voice evacuation, and other applications that require operational versatility, superb sound quality, and absolute clarity.

PRAESIDEO is a complete, full-featured digital public address and emergency sound system. It leads the market in reliability, especially in voice evacuation, and has demonstrated years of performance in a wide range of applications worldwide. It features 28 dynamically assigned digital audio channels, digital event scheduling and message management, and can route background music (BGM) to a virtually unlimited number of zones.

It is built around an open interface so integration possibilities and applications are almost endless:

  •  Fully digital system capable of handling even the biggest international airports where the public address and emergency sound system must deliver exceptional performance and reliability. Spoken messages must be intelligible even in zones with high background noise. The system must route background music, arrival and departure announcements, prerecorded messages and live speech, and it must be fully supervised for secure operation in emergency situations (see more – Application Note Airports).
  • Perfect system to create a pleasant atmosphere for cruise ship passengers and ensure their safety in the event of evacuation as the system easily interfaces with shipboard fire detection and alarm system, as well as weather alarm, security alarm and other systems (see more – Application Note Cruiseships).
  • For effective sound management in large mosques where public address is primarily for amplifying prayers and the number of PA zones is determined by segregated male and female areas, prayer hall, ablution areas, minaret and so on. A CD player/recorder is also required for playing back Qur’an readings (see more – Application Note Mosques).
  • To improve safety and reduce response time in medium- and large-scale buildings the voice evacuation system is often linked to the building fire detection system to initiate automatically public alarms and voice evacuation programs as soon as fire is detected (see more – Application Note Public and Office buildings).
  • The cost effective system architecture using a “daisy-chain” network topology makes it ideal for large shopping centers, typically with a large number of zones with varying output power requirements (see more – Application Note Shopping Centers).
  • It handles message routing, public announcements, emergency voice evacuation, commentary for events and background music – all in all the perfect solution for large venues with many zones such as stadiums, divided also into public and nonpublic areas, each with their specific zone requirements (see more – Application Note Stadiums).
  • Featuring built-in supervision and redundancy, including a system bus loop, class-A loudspeaker loop and “wirefree” digital line and loudspeaker supervision, it is ideal for larger applications with several locations such as universities (see more – Application Note Universities).