Proxim's All New Link Calculator

Proxim introduced the new Link calculator specifically designed to aid partners and integrators in the design and performance calculation of outdoor Point-to-Point and Point-to-multipoint networks.

This tool seamlessly integrates with Google maps, enabling the designer to account for the variables in terrain at the location of the actual installation. The application includes a database of detailed information on Proxim wireless products and accessories, enabling the designer to build the best possible system. 

Proxim's Link Calculator provides a host of features for you to model different network scenarios and make more informed decisions as you deploy the network. The application allows you to tweak and tune different elements of your network such as antenna height, power, angle, to name a few, and help you evaluate the best network possible.

View the webinar recording, as Jerome Alexandre, Director of product marketing will take you through the benefits and inner workings of the new Proxim tools and download the Link Calculator.